WOW: Cataclysm Launch night

And so it begins right? I purchased my digital download and downloaded it. I was all set for launch. I went to bed early that night with the intent of waking up when I woke up and playing some WOW.

Strangely I awoke at 3:30am and decided that since I’m awake I should go get a jump on leveling. Maybe I can be the first to max level in my guild again. Having missed the Server First last expansion by a couple hours maybe I should try again. On second thought, with how badly they broke Retribution no thank you.

So I fire up my computer and launch WOW.
I type in my username, password, and authenticator code!

No dice!

It seems I do not have a network connection. Are you fricken kidding me? I grab a spare monitor and go over to my Linux Router and plug it in and bring it up. Everything looks ok setting wise. Can I ping? Nope. Where does traceroute die? It doesn’t appear to go anywhere… ummm. Ok look at the modem everything looks good there. Reboot time!

No dice!

Time for aggressive measures, reset the modem.

No Link Light!

So I call Comcast. I get a retard of a tech. And I am recommending these people for out business sites? Obv they cannot fix the problem and need to send out a tech. Their next tech opening is two days from now. Fine. I’ll wait. Actually no I won’t I will go back to bed.

Around 9:30am I randomly wake up, and low and behold my internet works.