TV Shows cancelled in 2012

Television Shows cancelled in 2012

Here is a list of all the shows that I’ve either followed or watched in the last few years or so that have recently been cancelled.

          Alcatraz (FOX)
Are You There Chelsea? (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
          Chuck (NBC)
CSI:Miami (CBS)
The Closer (TNT)
Eureka (Syfy)
          The Finder (FOX)
House (FOX)
Missing (ABC)
Pan Am (ABC)
          Prime Suspect (NBC)
The River (ABC)
Terra Nova (FOX)
Unforgettable (CBS)

At the top of my list of “I’ve sorry to see them go” are The Finder, Alcatraz, and Terra Nova. It seems that the only show FOX has worth watching anymore is Fringe and as previously mentioned even that is only being renewed for a half season next year.

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