Tournaments of Creathorne 19!

This is what I will be doing this weekend. And for the first time in 12 year, I’m going to play!

TOC 19
Where is Vault 13?
May 25, 2012 – May 28, 2012

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Friday May 25, 2012.
Event ends at 12:00 PM, on Monday May 28, 2012.
Site opens at 11am Friday and closes at 6pm Monday.

Place: Little Creathorne Farm – Grafton, NH.
Cost: $30 at the door..$5 off the door for 30 gold. (paid pre-reg is the only pre-reg).
Pre-registration: Send Money, and Magic Prereg.


Andrew V. Disbrow —

702 Main ST. Grafton, NH 03240

Ben Greene — SIRK1040@YAHOO.COM

95 Cram Road Lyndeborough, NH 03082

Rebecca Garbos —


Illyana Golden —

95 Cram rd Lyndeborough, NH 03082

Event Description:

send pre reges and $$ and or make checks to

Andrew V. Disbrow
702 Main ST.
Grafton, NH 03240

Tournaments, oldbies, newbies, lots of people. You Eat in order of
reg like we used to do everyone will be issued a tag with a number
on it so get your pre-regs in!!!

Andy, Ben, and Alex will be cooking so please let them know any
dietary restrictions.

People paying at the door($??) we can not guarantee you food, please
preregister. (we kept the same prices as last year)

There are 6 free slots for full time event staff email A. Disbrow
for these slots.(slots: )

Please contact me if you want to NPC Make sure to put “CREATHORNE
NPC” into the subject line or the e-mail may get deleted . Also include how many nights you are willing to
NPC (there are three nights total), your REAL name, and any other
pertinent information in the body of the e-mail.(there are no free npc
slots this year but we have a Rafael each day you npc you get a
ticket to put in the raffle we do the drawing after we close down the
event extra tickets for helping with NPC clean up. Make sure you put
your info on your ticket so we can get hold of you… cool prizes

Marshals: See Jarrod Marshall, he will be our head marshal again
this year.(6 slots: filled! ). There will be 6port-a-potties this
year but they will be emptied Sunday am. Main fire pit behind the
tavern with benches Will be at full swing, PG rated activities until

Some of the old trails have been re-opened. And we will be doing
more for the night quests. Again smoke, Fireworks, Fire and flashing
lights will be
used, just a FYI.

Tournaments you will need to know about before you arrive: Campfire
desert cooking = must be COOKED at a campsite over a open fire,
Brewers competition = you BREW (NOT MIX) it we judge it no more than
one bottle per entrant. Ben and Jana are doing a campfire-cooking
tournament (more to come)

Siege equipment !!not to be used against real
people!! Build a catapult or ballista etc. and shoot for distance.
You bring it you take it home (don’t even think about leaving any
part of it on site.)

Also we are doing several card tournaments this year. We will have
Magic the Gathering open only (it is regged with DCI for those of you
who keep track of DCI),Dominion,and some more new stuff. If you want
to enter these tournaments, you need to bring your own cards.

Live steel competitions: we will be providing the live steel.

Combat tournaments-we will be logging up to 4th place this year
points will be registered with the “Order of the List” With this new
recording to 4th place we are getting custom medals made for 1st
multi-person tournaments and 2nd & 3rd, 4th will be certificates only.
Individual first place tournaments will be our usual prizes..

a casino will be returning not seen since 1996 to the mix (more info
to come)

There will be kids tournaments and a kids day quest.we have some mew
stuff here too.

Hope to see you all on site..
Staff T.O.C.

Rules Changes/Notes:

There are no early tent set ups for anyone who is not staff. If you
want a specific tent site reserved will will try and accommodate you
but it will cost 1 pvc made weapon.
Knightly Gauntlets and or powers are in affect see Magic marshal (must
be checked in with magic marshal)

Other Notes:

There will be weapon Play-tests of latex and other experimental
weapons (see Andy and Ben If you would like to test something out)
If you are merchandising IC OR OOC you must clear it with the
eventholders, have your own tables and or tent..
NO LIVING PETS (IE: cats, dogs,snakes etc..)
Knight Meeting Saturday 11AM “all” Knights are welcome.

Directions to Little Creathorne Farm:
Grafton, NH

For GPS: 702 main St. Grafton, NH

From the Southeast (middle and southern NH, and anywhere in MA east of
you will want to take route 93 North through NH. From MA or CT you
can get to route 93 from routes 495, 3, and 95(128). Take route 93
North through Nashua, Manchester, and Concord.
If you are coming from the Northeast, you want to take 93 South.

Get off at exit 17, just North of Concord. This should put you on
route #4. Take route 4 West. Route 4 runs concurrent with routes 3 and
11 off and on during this trip, so make sure you stick with the right
route! You should pass through several small towns, including
Boscawen, Andover, Franklin, and Danbury. It take about 30 minutes to
get from route 93 to Grafton (it?s about 30.5 miles to the border).
Creathorne is 3.5 miles from the Grafton/Danbury town line, on the
right. There is a white sign that says ?Little Creathorne Farm? in
plain sight. The farm house is a white color.
Pull in through the gate in the wooden fence (NOT the driveway) and
park in the area defined by the logs, on either side of the small hill
right there. I will have Creathorne, Black and gray shields near the
road in the day light, and torches burning at the gate at night, so
this site is usually very easy to find.

From the Northwest, VT, NY, or anywhere West of Springfield, MA:
you?ll want to come into Grafton from the other direction. Take route
91 (which runs up the NH/VT border) to 89S into Lebanon, NH. You?ll be
getting off, at exit 17. This should put you on route 4. Take route 4
East, passing through Enfield and Canaan, and into Grafton. It takes
about 35 minutes to get from route 89 to Grafton (it?s about 20 miles
to the border). Creathorne is about 10-15 minutes from Canaan center,
on the left.