TIAC Update : Nicole Stilling

Some of you may recall the quiet Nicole Stilling from the TIAC billing department. Chances are you do not. She is one of my former co-workers that I have managed to keep track of over the years. Earlier this month she and a friend opened PetPourri at 16 Washington St. in downtown Hudson at the rotary.

PetPourri is of course a play on words between pet and potpourri, and makes a great name for a pet supply store. They carry most premium dog foods, but also holistic, organic and vegetarian products and food for animals with sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin. One of the neatest features of this store is the homemade pet treats baked by the owner’s parents. Think of it like a supermarket bakery, but for your pet. Please check out Source2 below for a lot more details, and the full article posted on metrodailynews.com.

Store Phone: (978) 562-7722
source1: Nicole herself
source2: metrowestdailynews.com
directions/map: Map of Area