the Den, the View, and the Event

Next tuesday is my last night late night during the week at Denny’s. I’ll be staying on for a while on Friday and Saturday late nights for some extra money. Considering the hospital bills from my emergency room trip and over night stay after the event goers meeting just came in… and even AFTER insurance covered the bulk of it I owe over $1700. I guess that my tax returns are gonna go towards that instead of going towards my other debt like I planned.

In other news, theview.realmsnet site is almost done. We’ve been furiously adding old content, new content, and setting things up. I suppose that there will be an official announcement about the site to the Realms OOC list some time soonish. I’m hoping to have the time to implement a couple features before the announcement is made.

Idaris / Blackwood plot is moving forward. The next in the series of events is taking place on April 15th at the Pendry Palace. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly. I’ve recruited quite an impressive list of people to assist with NPCing, etc. It seems that I’ll be throwing, or maybe more appropriately I’ll be EHing, at least four (4) events this year. (Trip-ing the Gates ][, idaris part 4, No Dice, and A Questing We Will Go ][.) It makes me even more glad that I handed Feast of Blackwood ? to Matronsinafay.