automobiles and jobs…

Just got the car out of the shop… $888 later. Yay I’m mobile again!! Of course I’m broke. More then broke. If anyone is working for a company that needs any sort of customer service and/or IT support and/or SysAdmin work please let me know asap. I’m really sick of pouring thru, and all the other job sites.

Went to the Monarchs game last night w/ matronsinafay, nateverlast, and blkw1d. Was a lot of fun. They creamed Conn. Lots of fights! yay.

I’m putting together a mini Millenium Falcon that blkw1d and the1andonlyerg got me for my bday. 🙂 The mini Star Destroyer is of course already on Dreams’ monitor. Thats all for now. Peace.