So long and thanks for all the meat on a stick

Recipe for success…

Decent Salad bar
(price included in meal)

Neat side dishes like friend plantains, rice with carrots and peas
(price included in meal)

Unlimited meat on a stick,,,
Worth every penny of the $24.95 per person.

What do you get when you put 26 Realmsies in one restaurant besides over an 1k bill? A great way to send a friend to Iraq, and a great way to welcome another friend home.

When I say meat on a stick I am generalizing terribly. Servers walk around with meat on a rotisserie skewer, and a sharp carving knife. They bring it to you and cut it off right in front of you. Choices include Prime rib, Short rib, Chicken, Lingüiça, Lamb, Flank steak, Sirlion, and my personal two favorites Filet and Turkey wrapped in Bacon. Yum-tas-tic!

Among those in attendance this evening were Cain, Vawn w/ wife, Gideon, Sir K w/ Family, BH, LHoffman, Kyome, Dan K, RRoberts, Mike & Michelle, Shawn & Joanne, Werner, Leanne, some others I am forgetting their names, and of course Freesia and myself. And lets not forget the two men of the hour, Guillium and Kheldar! Special thanks to Talia for organizing the whole evening!

For those interested you should definitely check this place out!
Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse

Good luck my friend, come home to us safely. Welcome home my friend, we’re glad your back.


ps: We so have to throw a feast in this style!