Saving Money Quest: Light bulbs

Last year was a hard year for my employer. As a result it was a hard year for my wife and I also, as I lost 16 hours a week. While I quickly found a part time job to cover some of the lost wages it meant tightening the proverbial belt a little and reducing our expenses. So I’ve tried my best to reduce my bills doing things like: downsizing my Cable package and getting rid of the house phone; clipping coupons; signing up for a cash back credit card; doing some comparison shopping; etc. I’ve also kept my eyes open for and actively looking for bargains and today I found something worth sharing with everyone.

It seems that some electric company’s give rebates for updating your house or work with more energy efficient devices and lights. If you live in NH you should really take a look at:


Now while the LED light blubs are still very pricey the cost of the squiggly bulbs is incredible. Especially check out the prices on the TCP 14w SpringLamp and the 19w and 23w SpringLights.

If you don’t live in NH you should check out your local power provider they chances are they have an energy saving programs or rebates.