Realms: New Spell: Protect from Death (Protection 6)

Add new spell at Protection 6.

Protect from Death (Protection 6)

Uses: 2 – Verbal: 30 words – Material: Sash with some sort of
indication that this is a Protect from Death spell. Remove the sash
soon after the protection is expended/used. Active: Must touch
recipient of spell.

The spellcaster may at a cost to themselves imbue another character
with the ability to be protected from any damaging attack for 1 hit
which would normally kill them. The call for this is “Resist Death”.

Each time this spell is cast, the spellcaster temporarily loses half
their scalping blows until the next spell reset. Scalping blows will
never be reduced below 10 in this fashion, casting this spell more
times will result in the number of scalping blows staying at 10.

The recipient cannot choose when to utilize this effect. This spell
can only be cast on someone other than the spellcaster casting it.
This spell cannot be stacked with any itself or any other protection
path spell or armored cloak. This spell is not governed by the
Protection Path Caveat.

rationale: I think that this is a neat idea. Originally I wanted to make a way to transfer the death to the spellcaster but figured that would be problematic if the spellcaster was no longer near the recipient.