Realms: EHC 2011 rules changes

The 2011 EHC has come and gone. Here are some of the highlights. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please head to for a complete list.

Your official officers of the game are as follows.
Death Marshal: Jason Grey
Keeper of the List of Realms Magic Items: Neil Tozier
Event List Administrator: Ian Pushee
Players’ Meeting and Event Holders’ Council Organizers: Angela and Jason Grey
Omnibus Editorial Committee: Jay Bonci, Dave Hayden, Jake Valeri

The following proposals passed:

  • Add Bamboo to be on par with Fiberglass tubing for Weapons const
    • Bamboo or Fiberglass tubing may be used in place of PVC pipe for non thrust-only, melee weapons 5’ in length or shorter. Tubing should measure approximately ¾” in diameter.
    • Weapons constructed using bamboo or fiberglass tubing must meet or exceed all rules regarding PVC weapons. In addition, the following guides apply: The thrusting tip must be securely attached to the tubing; tape must overlap the thrusting tip and tubing, traveling the entire length of the tube’s circumference; a disk of closed-cell foam at least ¼” thick must be securely affixed to the thrusting end of the weapon.

  • Weapons should be used with minimum force necessary
    • Add to rule 10:
      Weapons (melee and missile) should be used with minimum force necessary to score a successful hit.

  • Calling flat
    • You may call “Flat of the blade” at any time, even in the middle of a fight. This form of attack deals no damage to armor.

  • Clarification on arrows = weapons
    • A bow is not considered a “weapon” for purposes of determining whether a spell fails; arrows are considered weapons and will cause some spells to fail.

  • Make the wordings around “off-target” shots consistent
    • If you are hit in these areas you may
      choose not to accept the blow, but you must call the location hit (e.g., if you are hit in the face, call “Face,” and keep fighting if you wish to).

  • Parrying with arrow breaks bow
    • If a weapon hits a wielded bow or nocked arrow, the bow is “broken” and may no longer be used in combat. Anyone can fix a broken bow by holding the
      bow with two hands, then counting to 200. You cannot actively parry with a bow or arrow.

  • Clarify whether potions can be thrown
    • Any potions must be directly applied to the
      recipient. They may not be thrown, dropped or remotely applied in any

  • Line of Site vs. In Front of
    • A Ward spell affects creatures in front of the spellcaster (limited by a 180 degree hemisphere extending from shoulder to shoulder and outwards from the chest)

  • New caveat – Spell Failure due to weapon proximity.
    • Add the following to the list of caveats:
      Spell Failure

      Some spells fail to work if there are weapons within a certain proximity. Enter text from option chosen here

      Option A: If a spell fails due to weapon proximity the casting
      is lost.

  • Specify OOC safety for walking dead
    • Under Magical Effects everyone should know > Necromancy > Walking

      * Move to the destination as directly as possible without taking an OOC unsafe path. If the only option is to move into an OOC unsafe situation, then the spell ends and the body falls to the ground.

  • Healer Path Update
    • 2. Heal Limb, Group Healing
      3. Raise Dead
      4. Call the Soul
      5. Combat Raise Dead
      6. Circle of Healing, Cry of Life
      7. Seed of Life

  • New Spell: Divine Aid
    • Divine Aid (Channeler 4)
      Uses: 1 – Verbal: Speak to EH
      Material: A sacrifice may be required
      Active: A quest may be required.

      This spell allows the spellcaster to send a request for aid to a higher power. The request can not be specific and the higher power may send whatever aid they see fit. This spell comes with no guarantee that the EH won’t simply listen to the request and say, “No.” This spell cannot create an effect that will last beyond the end of the event, other than for healing purposes. A spellcaster who uses drama and theatrics has a better chance of success.

  • Seed of Life Revision
    • Seed of Life (Healer 7)
      Uses: Unlimited, while spellcaster has MC handy
      Verbal: 30 words and an explanation
      Material: 1 tokens with the spellcaster’s name and the words “Seed of Life” on them.

      When cast on a dead body, this spell allows the recipient to regenerate once, after 120 seconds. The spellcaster must hand the MC to the recipient when the spell is cast. Once the spell ends, the recipient should return the MC to the spellcaster as soon as reasonably possible. Other than this, the MC is neither stealable nor transferable in any way. If the recipient is scalped, returned to life or raised as undead, the spell ends. This spell has no effect on the undead. See the Regeneration Caveat.

  • Soul Bane
    • Soul Bane (Assassin 3)
      Uses: 2
      Active: Scalp a dead body, following the final scalping blow the caster says “Soul Bane”.

      This spell alters the next Call the Soul cast on the target by making the black stone successful and the white stones unsuccessful. The caster must inform the Magic Marshal as soon as possible of who they scalped and cast Soul Bane on. The effect triggers the next time the target’s soul is called. The spell ends after the first Call the Soul, whether it was successful or not. Only one Soul Bane can be active on a person at a time.

  • Spell Failure Caveat follow-up proposal: Lightning Bolt Cleanup
    • There were several changes to this spell, but most were gramatical and didn’t actually change how the spell works. See realmsnet for the actual changes.

  • Editorial edits to the Weapons Construction section
    • This is a formatting change, and not a rules change. See realmsnet for the actual changes.

  • Grammatical correction re: Crossbows and Custom Arrow
    • Whether crossbows or custom-designed arrows are allowed is up to the individual EH’s discretion.

Lastly on the subject of Grandfathering:
You will be able to grandfather the spells you have, but you will not be able to change your Paths.