Realms: Blackwood Tournaments II

Blackwood Tournaments II

Blackwood Independence Day
6:00 PM Friday July 5, 2013 – 4:00 PM Sunday July 7, 2013
Site Opens at 4:00pm and Closes at 5:00pm

Place: Creathorne Farm — Grafton, NH
Cost: $25 at the door, $10 a day for single days.
Pre-Registration: (Suggested)

Event Holder(s):
Ally Cunningham
Keith Cronyn
Neil S. Tozier

Magic Marshal(s):
Don Ottman
James Murphy

Other Contact(s):
Jamison Bancroft

Event Description:
In celebration of Blackwood Independence Day, Blackwood is inviting the adventurers of the Realms to come join us for a weekend of tournaments, war maneuvers, light questing, and festivities.

Order of the list ranking will be used for tournaments!

There may (hint WILL) be fireworks, and Meds will not be allowed to shoot them off.

Drinking will be permitted by those of legal age, but Please LARP responsibly.

Paid pre-regs may receive a perk for this event.

Please pre-reg all magic. All implements must be checked in at magic check in.

There will be a dinner break Saturday evening, we will be providing burgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad, etc.

Tournament Prospective Schedule

— DAY —
armored tournaments:

War Maneuvers
– Bridge Battle
– Line Battles
– Squad Battles
– Capture the Flag
– Castle Siege
– 4 way bridge battles

Single Short
Hand and a Half
Sword and Marn
Sword and Shield
Great Weapon
Single Competitor
First Blood
Sword and Dagger


unarmored tournaments

Single Short
Hand and a Half
Sword and Marn
Sword and Shield
Great Weapon
Single Competitor
First Blood
Sword and Dagger
Bow and Dagger
Double Daggers

Some tournaments may be cut based on time.

Blackwood Casino will be open at various time through out the weekend.

Vendors that are planning on being on site are:
The Cat’s Scratches

If you read this and pre-reg with the word banana in your pre-reg you may receive a perk at check in.

Rules Changes/Notes:
Blackwood Regionals will be in effect. Please pre-reg your magic to
get your regionals ahead of time.

Vendors are welcome. Please let us know if you are planning on
setting up.

There will be a Golden Ticket Raffle, drawing will be on Sunday.

Event Site: Creathorne Farm — Grafton, NH
For GPS: 702 main St. Grafton, NH

From the Southeast (middle and southern NH, and anywhere in MA east of
you will want to take route 93 North through NH. From MA or CT you
can get to route 93 from routes 495, 3, and 95(128). Take route 93
North through Nashua, Manchester, and Concord.
If you are coming from the Northeast, you want to take 93 South.

Get off at exit 17, just North of Concord. This should put you on
route #4. Take route 4 West. Route 4 runs concurrent with routes 3 and
11 off and on during this trip, so make sure you stick with the right
route! You should pass through several small towns, including
Boscawen, Andover, Franklin, and Danbury. It take about 30 minutes to
get from route 93 to Grafton (it?s about 30.5 miles to the border).
Creathorne is 3.5 miles from the Grafton/Danbury town line, on the
right. There is a white sign that says ?Little Creathorne Farm? in
plain sight. The farm house is a white color.
Pull in through the gate in the wooden fence (NOT the driveway) and
park in the area defined by the logs, on either side of the small hill
right there. I will have Creathorne, Black and gray shields near the
road in the day light, and torches burning at the gate at night, so
this site is usually very easy to find.

From the Northwest, VT, NY, or anywhere West of Springfield, MA:
you?ll want to come into Grafton from the other direction. Take route
91 (which runs up the NH/VT border) to 89S into Lebanon, NH. You?ll be
getting off, at exit 17. This should put you on route 4. Take route 4
East, passing through Enfield and Canaan, and into Grafton. It takes
about 35 minutes to get from route 89 to Grafton (it?s about 20 miles
to the border). Creathorne is about 10-15 minutes from Canaan center,
on the left.