Realms 2013 Spell Table

The Realms spell table this year only changed two things. Spells that were moved, or are new are in red below.

Spell Paths
First Circle Pool
1 Cure Disease Identify Creature Repair Armor
1 Detect Magic Immunity to Poison Silver Strike
1 Disrupt Light Light Speak
1 Heartiness Pas Speak with Dead
1 Identify Protect Item Zombie Walk
1   Implement  
  Healer Channeler Alchemist
2 Heal Limb
Group Healing
Ward: Undead Potion of Armor Repair
3 Raise Dead Protect the Soul Potion of Heal Limb
4 Call the Soul Call the Soul
Divine Aid
Potion of Combat Raise Dead
Potion of Create Zombie
5 Combat Raise Dead Circle of Protection Create Poison
6 Circle of Healing Ward: Enchanted Beings Create Potion
7 Seed of Life
Cry of Life
Intervention Power Potion
  Sorceror Necromaner Seer
2 Enchant Weapon
Prot. Magic Missile
Heal Undead Limb
Zombie Send
3 Cantrip Create Zombie
Disease Weapon
Fortune Tell
4 Armored Cloak Beckon Corpse Precognition
5 Magic Missile Create Undead
Death Wish
Find the Path
6 Familiar Create Undead Soldier Vision
7 Lightning Bolt Embrace Death Prophecy
Second Chance
  Blacksmith Abjurer Assassin
2 Repair Item Prot. Magic Missile Deep Pockets
3 Enchant Armor Disenchant Feign Death
Soul Bane
4 Ghost Blade
Mystic Forge
Enfeeble Being Eviscerate
Skew Divination
5 Repair Magic Item Disrupt Poison Weapon
6 Silver Weapon Resist Magic Armor-Piercing Weapon
7 Create Magic Weapon
Enchant Bracer
Ritual of Banishment Assassin’s Blade
  Shaman   Protection
2 Death Watch   Protection from Boulder
3 Commune with Spirit   Protection from Missile Weapon
4 Purity:Disease
  Protection from Melee Weapon
5 Animal Companion
Transmute Self
  Protection from Magic
6 Regeneration   Regenerate the Scalp
7 Transformation   Resist Death