Pool System Proposal (RFC Part 2)

In addition to the main proposal here are the list of riders that we are proposing to further balance and re-tweak the system slighty:

— start riders —

The following are Rider Proposals that will be attached to the Pool System
Proposal. We feel that the following changes are essential to balancing
existing spells in a pool system.

Potion of Armor Repair
– Reduced to 5 uses
– Reasoning: it is transferable and faster then Repair Armor

Armored Cloak
– Moves to the 5th circle pool
– This keeps the spell in the same space as it would be in a 1-point
buy down system. Damage mitigation is a perk of fighters, and this change
balances against that.

Potion of Raise Dead
– Now a separate spell in the 5th circle pool
– Rename to Potion of Combat Raise Dead to reflect its nature
– This balances it against combat raise dead

Potion of Create Zombie
– Now a separate spell in the 4th circle pool
– This balances it off other ~Scombat raise~T spells

Create Zombie
– Moves to the 4th circle pool, bumped up to 4 uses
– The verbal now requires 20 words

Group Animate
– Moves to the 3rd circle pool

Resist Death
– Can no longer be stacked with Armored Cloak

Resist Magic
– Moved to the 7th circle pool
– Unlimited uses, need to lay on back to recharge
– Players will now have to choose between protection from physical or
magical damage

Banish Conjured Being
– Moves to the 6th circle pool

Create Poison
– Moves to the 4th circle pool
– Now 5 uses

Spell Progressions:
– Spells are now learned in the following paths 1-6, 1-7, 1-6

The following three proposals are not Riders necessary for the Pool System
proposal, but we feel that they further balance existing spells:

Create Magic Weapon
– Add text which allows for the creation of a magic arrow

Protection from Enchanted Beings/Undead
– Add the following text, You cannot be holding a weapon or spell
prop while casting this spell.
– This emphasizes the defensive nature of this spell, and addresses
concerns over what constitutes and aggressive action.

Circle of Protection
– The material component of the spell will be a white rope no longer
then 10″

We want to know if this type of system would work, so please give us
whatever feedback you can. If you are uncomfortable sending something to the
public list, please forward your comments along to me

If you think you can make a build that breaks this proposed system, we want
to know about!

If you have other Riders that you would like to see attached to this
proposal please let us know about those too!

Thank you in advance for your comments, concerns and suggestions,

– Dave Dolph, Neil Tozier, Jason Gray, Dave Hayden and Mike Amend