on offers and finances

Today I received my “official” offer from HHI. I should be getting the offer letter today or tomorrow, but I’m not particularly happy with what I’m hearing so far. To start with it would be enough for me to leave Dennys . Or at the very least drop down to part time. The offer is about 4k a year lower then I told them was my minimum, and they want me to start as part time until June. This would mean continued accrual of benefit time, and an hourly rate for about 24 hours a week. This would also mean that my weekends would be consumed with working at Dennys, and would totally remove any possibility of throwing realms events and/or attending them.

On an up note, my car is now fixed (or at least all the things that caused me to fail inspection have been repaired). I should be getting my sticker today. This is a good step in the right direction. (It ended up costing me about $850 which is significantly cheaper then the original estimates, but still a lot more then I’d thought it would be.)

What to do, what to do. Of course I’m going to attempt to negotiate a better salary, and to start out full time. Even starting part time will be a good earning upgrade compared to Dennys. Especially since Denny’s has only me been scheduling four days a week. To start with i will be making about the same in three days as I am making at Dennys in four. I think that I will put in my notice so that my last day will be the day before Creathorne. Which means I would have about a month with the income level I have now before going full time at HHI.