Observations, poisons, quandaries, ramblings, and sashay

As many of you have noticed by now, I haven’t had a lot of money recently. Some of you have helped out, some of you haven’t. I’m still doing very part time work for two different companies. Yes, I am still looking for something full time. I have been selling things on eBay, worked temp at the Post Office, helped friends move offices, etc.

Some of the things that I haven’t done followed by simple observations;

  • borrow money from other people. (Although, some may argue this point since i currently owe my “landlords” a decent chunk of change.) There are quite a few people in this world that owe me money from over the years. You want to impress me? Pay me back, thanks. The amount(s) owed to me well exceed my current level of debt. Some of it boils down to I kept a room over your heads. Some of it dates back to my house in Hollis. Some of it is as recent as my Apt in Nashua. You all know who you are, but it’s come down to keeping a roof over my head and eating.
  • buy books to read (I’ve borrowed quite a few from Marduath, and Sir_K), but I cannot remember the last time I bought a book. This actually bothers me for some reason. As recent as a few years ago I would probably buy a couple books a month and devour them. So as a result I found myself asking when the hell did paper backs start costing $7.50 or $8.99 or $9.95? I’m pretty sure that the last paperback I bought cost me $6.95 and I considered that pretty darn expensive at the time.
  • found a full time job. I’ve had many interviews, and sent out 1000s of resumes. Monster.com has become a nearly daily reading requirement. Many friends who work in my industry have accepted resumes and passed them around internally where they work, which has resulted in several interviews. To all those people saying the economy is getting better, I would candidly like to point out that your wrong. The IT industry unemployment rate is higher than the national average.

    Some other things that I’ve noticed in recent years/months/weeks/days:

  • There are a lot of internet sites the want you to pay for a service that any one can get for free. Some examples in recent years are wholesalers, drop shippers, and information sites. Any of these types of services can be gotten for free by practically anyone. Start a business and get a EIN, and thats all you need to contact wholesalers to place orders. Information sites are a great example of ingenious slackerdom. All the information you need about something can be found elsewhere for free. Why are there so many stupid consumers in this world? (Read: why are there so many stupid people in this world, that are so quick to part with their money?)
  • One of my few heroes in this world is utterly crazy, but complete genius. Robert Anton Wilson, is definitely off the deep end, but much of what he says makes sense. For those not familiar with him or his works rawilson.com. He’s a lot more then just a co-author of the Illuminatus!.
  • I start so many projects, and seem to get bored with them and never quite finish them. Recently, there has been my M:tG PHP/MySQL DB that I worked on religiously for about a week, and then got bored with. My Apache pulling its running cfg from MySQL Project that I figured out how to get it to work, and got bored with. Even online games long a staple of my computer diet have been boring the hell out of me. Its time for spring damn it. I’ve even setup and configured several different Desktop machines from old PC parts laying around. (Including but not limited to fixing Booka’s machine, determining whats wrong with Vcander’s PC and giving him recommendations, setting up a debian desktop PC out of sheer boredom, setting up a unstable dist of Debian for testing purposes.) I have several more items like this on the todo list: Solaris10, and Gentoo. I have both DLed already its just a matter of installing my burner and burning em to disk. (note: after having written this, I ended up putting the composition on hold, and installed the CD-RW on JangoFett and have started burning the disks.)
  • I have an incredibly hard time getting on and staying on a 1st shift schedule when not working full time. I’ve worked 2nd or 3rd shift most of my life, and my body just rejects 1st shift. For the past few months I have been desperately attempting to change back to 1st shift. Recently I have almost succeeded. I’ve been waking up around 10 or 1030am.
  • not that I’m surprised by this, but… MS AntiSpyware blows goats. It has yet to find a single piece of spyware on my computer. (Yet when i run AdAware and/or Spybot afterward they always find something. While these are mostly just tracking cookies, occasionally its more then that.) To test this application further, I of course went out and visited about 30 or so different web sites. (google: sex and hit the first couple pages) MS antispyware didn’t find crap. Both Spybot and AdAware both found a bunch of stuff. Yay MS! Great product you have there.

    Well I guess thats enough rambling. I added to this through out the day off and on.