Oath of Peace (Healer 7)

Replace Seed of Life spell with:

Oath of Peace (Healer 7)

Uses: 1 – Verbal: 60 words – Material: A white sash with the
spellcaster’s name and the words “Oath of Peace” clearly displayed on it.

This spell puts the spellcaster into a state of pacifism. While in the state of pacifism they may not pick up, wield or carry any weapons. Additionally any hit that successfully damages the spellcaster kills them instead.
They may use a shield. Additionally when casting the Raise Dead spell the spellcaster may instead use the verbal and active components, and description of the Combat Raise Dead spell. Only Raise Dead spells learned in Healer Paths qualify for this conversion. The caster must use all learnings and uses they have of the Combat Raise Dead spell prior to being able to convert Raise Deads in this fashion. The spell may not be used in conjunction with a circle of a healing. Once cast the sash may not be removed until; a Spell reset, the end of the event or the sash is disenchanted. If the sash is disenchanted the spell ends immediately and the caster dies.

Seed of Life is unlimited healing over time. I hate it. This would allow players to enjoy faster access to heals at a personal cost.

Last Years stats:
Players Meeting Pass Y=18,N=16
EH Council Y=14,N=32 Fail