Home from the event…

Home from Creathorne. We had pretty good attendance this year. I can also say that although the PC populace may be a bit frustrated, most of them had fun. As usual I went out of my way to ask a few people, and they all assented they had fun. The reason that I say they PC population may be frustrated is because they actually failed the night quest(s). They also let the bad guys free into the realms. Hopefully Damien will do follow up event(s) and plot to give the PCs the chance to fix their mistakes in a semi-timely manner.

Idaris placed 3rd in the War tourney again this year. However this year they had to work for it. It is nice to see something that you have created and labored on come to some type of fruition. Celeste has been elected the new leader of Idaris until Sir Dark can be dealt with by the PCs. Airforce received his tabard (a year in the making). They also have several new petitioners; Mitch and Salvo. Both placed well in the newbie tournaments sweeping many of the 1st – 3rd places. This has been a good start to our eventing season. I’m proud of all of you.

Idaris caused chaos and confusion by summoning Sir Dark’s spirit for 5 minutes using a commune with spirit. And as some highlights were also the heros. Lt. Vasdre killed himself to complete the Anarchy A to for Kwartz (Q) of Folkstones call to the Dark One (and thus getting everyone dead back up). Airforce sacrificed himself to power a DI to reopen the gate so that the Realms could go and get the corpses of their friends out of the failed night quest. Kudos to both of you!

Coming up shortly on 6/8/2007 is Convergences. If the PCs succeed it will mark the end of the Zermarx plot line. I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out. Although I must admit that I find myself hoping that the PCs fail.

ps Pirates 3 was pretty good, although I find myself wishing that they hadn’t left it open for another one.