Grimm, Suits, Covert Affairs, Hannibal, and Defiance coming to Amazon Prime

Today announced that they have finalized a deal with NBC/Universal for adding more exclusive content to Amazon Prime.

The following are launching today:

  • Grimm – Season 1
  • Suits – Season 1
  • Covert Affairs – Season 1 & 2

Coming later this year:

  • Hannibal

Coming next year:

  • Defiance

They go on to say that Amazon Prime will be the exclusive subscription service for streaming all these hit shows for the next 4 years and that they are adding fan favorites like: Smash; Eureka; Warehouse 13, and Alphas.

While I realize that this is really just an advertisement to get people to sign up for Prime [Which I do not have, nor want], it really struck me that 4 years is a really long time for an exclusivity contract in this day and age. I feel like NBC/Universal is making a mistake. I want Ala carte programing… consumers want ala carte programming. We [the consumers] shouldn’t have to subscribe to multiple services monthly to be able to watch the programming that we want.

Wake up and smell the coffee beg mediacompanies… cable companies are dying. Being able to pick and choose what we’re going to watch when we are going to watch it is the new reality. There will not be one content provider to rule them all, so start working together,