Elder Tribunal: Magmaw 25

So since the launch of WOW:Cataclysm Elder Tribunal’s raiding focus has been on 10man. We had sign ups on the the forums to allow people to post their interest in raiding, their commitment, and their preferred format (more hardcore, more social). Quite a few people quickly disappeared, or simply didn’t post and chose to remain Friends and Family (F&F) aka Social players in ET. As a result of that thread the Officers created a couple 10m rosters. Before the rosters were posted there were about 13 or so people that had already started working on the new raid content.

We attempted to make well balanced groups (on paper at least) and split some of the perceived skill levels and experience between the groups. We also tried to make sure that both groups had a good coverage on raid buffs, classes, etc.

Traditionally, we have had problems in the past with people believing that there is or was a Team A and a Team B. I still personally believe that we have done a lot to minimize this perception with good balancing, planning, hard work. With 10man and 25man sharing the same loot and the decision to switch our focus from 25man to 10man raiding this was no exception. ET has had a long history (over 10 years!) of being a guild and as such we have a history we can pull from. We decided to name our teams using the name of retired Officers. Most of which come from the EverQuest chapter of our history.

Thus were Team: Sinwell, Team: Myzt Moore, and eventually Team: Mastoj born.

As a guild, we have a tendency to not cater much to alts. We focus on gearing peoples Main characters, and if they want to PUG or form Alt Raids they are more then welcome to do so, but on their own time [and not during regularly schedule raid time]. Due to this focus we attempt to maintain rosters with a minimum amount of people to ensure that most of the time if 77% of the roster shows up, that a raid should be viable and happen. As a quick explanation we keep roster size at about 13 people, and try to make sure that roles counts include 3 tanks, 4 heals, 6 dps. Most of the players in Team: Sinwell at least maintain two sets of gear and two roles. Team: Sinwell’s average raid attendance for the top 10 rostered members hovers close to 100%. To me this is, of course, the ideal. [Ten people that work together twice a week is a much more cohesive unit then 15+ people who work together 1x a week, and never have the same raid composition.]

Anyway I think that I have gone on a tangent from my original purpose of writing this. That is to hopefully expand on what we have done, where we are heading, and what we hope to accomplish.

One of the concerns of shifting from a 25man to a 10man raid focus was that the guild would lose he unity and family feel that we have encourage and maintained for a long long time. Sundays have been old school achievement night, with targets ranging from vanilla to BC to wotlk. Also To attempt to address that we decided that at least once a month we would have a 25man raid night. So far we have actually managed to do two 25m nights. We put in 5 attempts on a boss and then break up into our normal 10man roster. Sadly we skipped last month (I’m not real sure why). So every last Tuesday of the month we gear up for 25man raid night.

This past Tuesday (yes 4.1 patch day) we downed BH25:Argaloth, and then moved to BWD25:Magmaw. Where for the second time we attempted him in the 25man format, and did slay the foul worm. 🙂

Congrats ET!

That brings us to 10man: 1/13H [12/12N] and 25man: 1/12N.