DDO Trial Observations

So the other night while patching mods for WOW via Curse Client (Which I still hate since it stopped being free) I noticed the little beholder for Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). Naturally an online version of D&D should have appealed to me before now. And I did think about checking it out when it first came out. Wowpreservation won out though I guess. Well its hard to ignore large yellow words saying “Unlimited Free Play”. So Drow, Matronsinafay and I all downloaded it. The next morning we started playing it together. At some point I told Quazar that we were checking it out and she downloaded/installed it and started playing with us.

Use a mouse for this game! 🙂 (She tried to use a touch pad, and hated it)

Forget what you know (or even what you think you know) about D&D 4. This game has little to do with it.

  • The level structure is completely different. If you have 10,000 Exp in D&D4 you are solidly 7th level. In DDO you are solidly Level 2 / Rank 7 (I think). In this MMO you not only level about 5x slower, but your Action Points are used to customize your character (much like AA point in EQ, or Talent Points in WOW)

    XP/Rank Chart: http://www.ddoer.com/guide/general/xp

  • Diablo? The whole thing sorta reminds me of EQ2/NWN/NWN2 graphicly, but the interface screams Diablo Click Fest at me. Yes there is an auto attack, and maybe I haven’t quite gotten used to the interface but it seems like click fest is the way to go.
  • A lot of your abilities are on very short cool downs (CDs), or are passive. (I prefer the passive ones.) Really +2 AC for 10/20s seems really retarded to me, but not as much as the +1 hit for 10/20s. I tried to stick with things that gave me quantifiable gains. (Weapon Focus: Slashing)