class revamp

    So after sort of joking around the other day about getting rid of 1path and 2paths I started thinking about the idea a little more. This isn’t very verbose, but I was thinking about this and was wondering what other people thought about the idea. It would in essence remove 1paths and 2paths from the game, and streamline things a little I think. It would certainly change the way we look at the divisions between fighter and caster. Essentially it would introduce three archetypes or classes to the rules. They would be as follows.


    • can wear up to 2pt armor
    • no weapon / shield size restrictions (within safety rules)
    • no spell picks
    • Skirmisher ( or Rogue )

    • has [up to] 4 spell picks (from a single path, or 2 cost cross path buy down)
    • 4’6″ weapon restriction
    • can pick one weapon combination for free: florentine (3’8″), 5′ weapon, large weapons (6’6″-8′), sword and shield (3’8″ and 3’8″ shield), spear and shield (up to 3′ shield)
    • Optional: can sacrifice 1 spell pick (the highest) for 1pt armor
    • Caster

    • has [up to] 18 spell picks (from up to three paths, cannot take the same path more than twice, single cost buydown)
    • cannot wear armor
    • 18″ weapon restriction
    • Optional: can sacrifice 6 spell picks (aka a path) to wield a bow
    • Optional: can sacrifice 6 spell picks (aka a path) to wield a 3 foot weapon (or 3’6″ combination)

    This would also do the following:
    1. remove armor as an option for ANY caster beyond skirmisher.
    2. remove the weapon restrictions / paths section from the omnibus and replace it with verbiage describing the three “classes” or “archetypes”.
    3. change the system to more of a “You can pay X for Y.” for character customization for “Caster” archetype
    4. change skirmishers cross path to 2 cost buy down (they can spend a single spell pick for armor)
    4.a. it would probably ‘force’ a lot more skirmishers to pick the Healer Path for access to the Heal Limb spell. But like someone else said we could add a ‘Selfish Heal Limb’ at pool if we really wanted skirmishers to be able to heal their own limbs.
    5. removes the concept of 1path or 2path or even 3path casters and lumps them all together into one “archetype”
    6. keeps 1 cost buydown as a perk for going “Caster”.

    Please discuss and give me feedback.