Revisted: MyFitnessPal 2015

Back in mid 2012 I wrote a review of a mobile cell phone app called MyFitnessPal (which also has a webpage) A few months after that I followed up the post with an update about it. Here we are in 2015 and I figured that I should do my due diligence of updating you about it again.

You can read these posts here:
One month of MyFitnessPal a review (27 Jul 2012)
Three months of MyFitnessPal a review (25 Sept 2012)

While I’ve never fully stopped using the software I did stop being as complete or thorough as I should have been. I’ve since also picked up a FitBit Flex. But none of that is why I am writing today.

Yesterday Under Armour (UA) [and MFP] announced that they reached an agreement to purchased MFP for $475 million. What does this mean to you? Well according to the MFP blog post (source 2 below):

“In the meantime, please rest assured that your experience with MyFitnessPal will not change. Our products, services and team will remain the same. MyFitnessPal will still be free to use, you own your data and Under Armour will never sell it to any third parties. We will also continue to sync with your wearable devices and fitness apps.”

source 1: Motley Fool
source 2: MyFitnessPal