OSTicket 1.7 DPR3 is now available

OSTicket 1.7 DPR3 has been released.

You can get the latest version over at Github.

For a couple months now Peter over at osticket.com has been posting DPR (Developer Preview Release) of the upcoming OSTicket 1.7. As a reminder this version if for developers and enthusiasts and should not be used for a production environment.

source: OSTicket.com Forums

Fringe renewed for final season!

If you are like me, you will be happy to learn that Fringe has been renewed for another season! It’s only a 13 episode season but that’s still fantastic news!

I’ve always hated when TV shows that I like do not get a chance to wrap up the story and just leave the fans hanging. It’s nice to see that finally a show that I like and watch nearly religiously will have a chance to do just that.

source: http://thevoiceoftv.com/news-and-gossip/fringe-renewed/

And in sad news I just read the The Finder and Alcatraz have been cancelled.

Diablo III Beta Invite

Diable III Beta Invite

Several days ago I received my Diable III Beta invitation in my email.

So I decided to download it and check it out. Initially I intended to write a big long “This is what I experienced” post, but have since decided that I just don’t have the time. Worst yet, I do not find that I feel like I have much to say about it. Is it a good game? Well I beat the Beta in under 5 hours. It was fun. It has nice graphics. Is it a beta? You bet it is, I experienced several crashes. Is it buggy otherwise? Not that I noticed. Everything appeared to work as intended. For those who are curious I played a Wizard and got to level 9 before I beat the beta. I did however go out of my way to kill thing that I didn’t need to and approached it as a completionist might.

A couple things that may not be completely evident right away:

  • SHIFT is your friend. It makes it so you can click with out moving.
  • Crafting once opened on one character can be accessed by any other character.
  • Wizards are really gimp until you get a new wand. Craft one as soon as you can.
  • SPACE is also your friend. Click it to speed through quest conversations.

Here is what the patcher looks today, much like WOW.

Today there is a message on the login screen that reads:

We’re in the process of inviting 275,000 additional beta testers. Please be aware that this stress test may result in a variety of issues including the inability to log in, disconnections, and potential lag/latency. We’ll also be testing our Queuing system, which you may see when attempting to enter the game. Thank you for your patience, and your assistance in helping us test as we approach the May 15 release.

Perhaps this explains why I cannot seem to connect tonight. After entering my Battle.net account and password I continually am receiving an error that states:

There is a temporary outage of the Battle.net service. Please try again later. (Error 75)

If I find anything else that I really feel like I need to report you can expect that I will write about it again. Perhaps I will go fire up the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta client and finally get around to checking that out.