WOW: Darque and Elder Tribunal Update

Ok so I’ve been a little lazy about updating recently. (Are you really surprised?) So I thought that I would write a summary post, about all the things that I should have posted about but haven’t.

  • ET is currently ranked 16th on Bloodhoof. We’re 7th Horde side, and actually tied with the 6th place guild for actual boss kills.
  • We are currently 7/8 on Dragon Soul normal, and I expect us to be 8/8 tomorrow when we raid again.
  • Darque is number 1 ranked horde side for holy Paladins currently on wow-heroes. I’m sure this is subject to change, but it still made me smile so I thought I would share.
  • Here is the list of kill dates (but no times because I’m apparently lazy):
    + Morchok [? on 11/29/2011]
    + Warlord Zon’ozz [12/01/2011]
    + Yor’sahj the Unsleeping [? on 11 /29/2011]
    + Hagara the Stormbinder [12/01/2011]
    + Ultraxion [12/01/2011]
    + Warmaster Blackthorn [12/08/2011]
    + Spine of Deathwing [12/08/2011]
    Maddness of Deathwing []

  • A bunch of people are looking forward to SW:TOR. I’m hoping that some of our members who do decide to make the move will also start an Elder Tribunal over there and carry on the tradition.