Elder Tribunal: Lady Deathwhisper and Gunship 25

On this night let it be known that Elder Tribunal of Bloodhoof did band together and un-lich-ified Lady Deathwhisper. After this heroic act those cowardly Alliance dogs attacked our gunship (first attempt) while we furthered the cause of attacking The Lich Kings forces, but we drove those bastards off. Once we landed at the upper spire Deathbringer Saurfang attacked us (we brought him to 30% on our second attempt ever).

OSTicket v1.6RC5: How to add ticket subject to autogenerated email

At work we have been using OSTicket as our support ticketing software for a while now. And one of the things that has always really annoyed me about the software is when someone opens a ticket and I get the autogenerated email, the email is missing the ticket subject. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but for some unfathomable reason a goodly portion of my coworkers seem to think that the subject line is where you should put important details. As you can imagine this can be troublesome if I am working from home or otherwise cannot get to the support site.

Take the following example:

    subject: Jon Doh
    body: Please add to security group alpha.

That example with out the subject is completely un-processable. So since I like to think that I am handy with PHP and MySQL I started digging. The email is generated using entries in the email_template table. [note: This may be ost_email_template]
So since this table doesn’t have a way to edit it in the admin interface how do I change it? Great question! First get to a command prompt. [note: windows users can use the MySQL Administrator GUI]

    > mysqldump -u username -p osticketDatabaseName --tables ost_email_template > ost_email_template.sql

Make sure that you replace username with your usernamme, and osticketDatabaseName with your database name. This will dump just the contents of your ost_email_template to the file ost_email_template.sql. Feel free to rename the file to something else. Please at this point make a copy of your back up. We’re going to be editting it, and if something bad happens you want to have a back up original copy. Open the copy of the file in your choice of text editor. [Windows Trick: opening it in word pad will put it in a more readable format.]

Locate the following text string: “Name: %name\r\nEmail: %email\r\n”

After that carefully insert “Subject: %subject”.

Save the file. Import the the table back into your database.

It import the data back into your database do the following:

    > mysql -u username -p osticketDatabaseName < ost_email_template.sql

Once you have imported the template back into the database your emails will now include the ticket Subject. Honestly it was so easy I think that the devs just forgot to do it.

On the off chance that you hose your ost_email_template I have attached the default one to this article.


Windows7: MsMpEng.exe

Windows 7 is out to the general populace and comes with a brand new set of fun. So far since I installed x64 Enterprise edition (One of the benefits of my job) it has been remarkably stable. I love how fast my machine boots, and how I can “wake” it up using my keyboard. It actually boots faster then my Linux box… but I digress.

I‘ve noticed that some times when I come out of “standby” such as after I wake up the that machine has a LOT of disk activity. I mean a LOT. So firing up Task Manager and Resource Monitor reveals that MsMpEng.exe is reading the disk, and consuming a load of CPU. A quick IllGoogleItForYou shows me that process belongs to Window Defender. Windows defender comes stock with Windows7. Ok so maybe its scanning my machine for viri or malware. Open up Windows Defender…

 This Program is turned off.

 If you are using another program that checks for harmful or unwanted 
 software, use the Action Center to check that program's status.

 If you would like to use this program, click here to turn it on.

Interesting. Apparently Windows Defender is also part of Microsoft Security Essentials. Anyway the point, if you open MSE it will tell you if you are currently running a scan. You could cancel the scan to get the resource problem to go away, or you can at least now see the status of the scan in progress. [note: I do not recommend that you cancel your antivirus scans]