Explanations of…

Some times when one tries to explain a who or a when in ones past it ends up being lengthy. Suffice it to say many years ago I used to sit in Denny’s and write. Some times I wrote in my journal. Some times I worked on my great American novel. Almost always both were considered in my brain as part of the:

Collection of Great Half Time Stories

That is to say what I named my collection of mis-mashed thoughts, experience, collective meetings, etc. Quite simply because it felt some times that I literally spent half my time in that place.

Well today I found myself having to explain a Denny-ism that I’ve said for years… and thought to myself, “I should write a book called everything I needed to learn about social interaction I learned at Denny’s“.

With great quotes like;

  • Denny’s is a family establishment, not a place to establish a family.
  • Table 21 is reserved for lesbian love.
  • Always look both ways before launching foreign objects at adjacent tables.
  • The right hand urinal is always 1.5 tiles lower then the left hand one.

I’m terribly amused right now.