Buffalo NY

Where did you spend your Friday the 13th? Matronsinafay and I spent ours on I90 just east of Buffalo NY in two feet of snow. Yes we were trapped there for 10 hours straight not moving. What a fantabulous way to start a vacation.

Some of the people who lived nearby re-instated my faith in the human race. Even though they were with out electricity they still ventured forth in two feet of snow to bring juice boxes and pretzels to many of the cars stuck on the thruway. My hat off to you. You are the type of people that deserve to be in this world.

the great move 2006 (recap)

Things have finally settled down a little bit at the Casa de Bethaneil. The vast majority of stuff was moved over this past weekend, and we have finally put a decent dent into setting everything back up and organizing the new place.

Special thanks to Saturday’s crew Q (the procurer of the truck), Mattiya, James, Amber, Tarnisha, DLemay, Jay & Kat, and of course Drake. To Sunday’s crew Q, Amber, and Drowski. And finally (again) to Drowski and Tarnisha for monday help as well.

Now if Comcast would just get off their collective asses and install our cable/net/voip things would be just grand. 🙂

e360insight vs spamhaus

By now everyone and their cousin’s have heard about e360insight taking UK based non-profit Spamhaus to court here in the US (Illinois court) and the $11.7 million decision. And of course those who know what Spamhaus or e360insight does are tossing around their opinions like a flashflood.

So let’s add one more opinion to the flood waters. What legitimate company would have absolutely nothing on their website but their court case information and news about their lawsuit?

nuff said.

RealmsAid (Sept 29th-October 1st, 2006)

This past weekend was RealmsAid. RealmsAid is one of the best things that I am most proud of being a part of. It is an event geared towards collecting money for cancer research. This image is of the three event holders Kevin, Illy, and Bethany holding one large cheque (middle) for over $4600, and several smaller cheques on either side for a grand total of $4713.00 all being donated to the Norris Cotton Cancer in the name of The Realms

click on image to enlarge

Three people additionally cut their hair to donate to Locks of Love. Bethany, Kathy, and myself. Once I get ahold of the before and after pictures I will put them up here for others to see.