Dragonlance Update: the animated feature length film!

As some of you may have heard by now the pre-production animated movie based upon the famous and revered fantasy of Maragret Weis and Tracy Hickman Dragonlance series is in the works. The latest news is that Kiefer Sutherland has signed on as the voice of Raistlin Majere. The story is based on the “Dragons of Autumns Twilight” book of the Chronicles series.

Some of the other voice talent already signed on include: Lucy Lawless as Goldmoon (Xena), Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) as Tanis, Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy) as Tika, Jason Marsden (Fairly Odd Parents, Invader Zim and Teen Titans) as Tasslehoff, and Rino Romano (The Batman, Teen Titans) as Caramon Majere. More cast members names can be found in the cast section of the official web site.
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