in case you live under a rock

In case you all live under a rock…

Oslo, Norway – April 21, 2005

An overly excited Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software, today proclaimed
at an internal company meeting that if the download numbers of the new Opera 8
Web browser reach 1 million within the first four days of the launch, he will
swim from Norway to the USA with only one stop-over for a cup of hot chocolate
at his mother’s house in his home country, Iceland. Opera’s communications
department could obviously not resist to make such a bold and unarguably
over-confident statement public.

You can download it here!



Matronsinafay is staying over night at the hospital again. Heading back there shortly to be with her. She is doing much better today compared to last night (and in my opinion). She sends hugs out to everyone, and thanks everyone that has come to visit, called, sent love etc. She should be coming home tomorrow.

Just thought that you all might want to know.

springish stuffs

Its spring, Its nice out. Fight practice is going again, and its spring cleaning time! This is the time of year that we all start new projects, and get REALLY frisky!

So with that said and out of the way, I’m working on a new project myself. If anyone has any of the following that they want to donate to the project please drop it off at the house, or let me know;

  • black 550lb cord
  • several old black leather belts w/ buckles
  • plaster (the kind used for body casts like in high school)
  • gauss stuffs (used for casts)
  • old wooden clamps (for holding stuff together, or in place… i suppose metal would work also)
  • rivets or differing shape, size, and variety.

    As you can probably tell Im gonna need to make some body casts. 🙂 Or I would like to. Should make things easier to mold certain pieces to fit how i want them too. If I think of more things later, I’ll of course add to this list.

  • this is NOT a real event announcement

    This is an email I sent to the OOC list earlier… (names changed to protect the innocent and feint of heart)

    Some conversations, were never meant to be had…
    This is the setting on a monday night, at Denny’s with a friend,
    (Freesia), XXXXXXXX (Metron), and myself. (Please when you read this make sure
    you use the worst announcer voice you can think of…)

    event: REALMS on WHEELS!!!!!
    (The BEST idea EVER!)

    The challenge has been put forth. No matter how good you think you are at
    fighting, you suck on roller skates. Bring you knee pads, bring your elbow
    pads, bring your Helmet!

    Tournaments to include: Last man Standing, Roller Obstacle Course, Roller
    Jousting, Grand Roller Melee, Realms Roller Racing, Roller Mage Dualing,
    Roller Knight and Squire, Roller Single short, Roller hand and a half,
    Roller sword and board, Laser Tag, a video arcade, Realms karaoke and
    many others!

    Activities: roller skating lessons, Have your picture drawn on roller
    skates, Roller Dancing to 80s metal/POP, and much much more!

    Cost: $25
    Site: Middlesex Rd
    Tyngsboro, MA

    Site phone: (978) 649-3440

    Note: the site costs $250/hour to rent both the LaserTag arena and the roller rink.

    Food: There is a snack bar which sells food, including pizza, hot dogs,
    nachos, popcorn and soda.


    Roller Kingdom is located at 355 Middlesex Road Tyngsboro Mass. in the
    Skate 3 Building. We are a 1/2 mile south of the Pheasant Lane Mall on the
    same side of the street.

    From the South: Take Rte. 3 north to exit 34. At the end of the ramp go
    right. Follow that to the end and take a left, you are now on Middlesex
    Road (Rte 3A). Go approx.1 mile. and Roller Kingdom is on your right in
    the Skate 3 Building,next to the Post Office.

    From the North: Take Rte 3 South to exit 1 Spit Brook Road. At the end
    of the ramp, take a left and follow that to the end and take a right.
    You are now on Middlesex Road (Rte.3A). Go approx. 1 mile and Roller
    Kingdom is on your left in the Skate 3 Building.

    ps If you think we’re at all serious, why don’t you go wait at Roller
    Kingdom til we get there.

    pps Yes, this is a total joke. But I thought that it was so funny,
    that i had to share it with everyone. I mean can you seriously picture
    well known and respected fighters trying to fight on roller skates?

    ppps I mentioned this is a joke right?!