Some quotes from the long weekend…

Whiles things are still not clear in my mind, and doubtlessly… never will be… I thought before things get even more muddled in the old cranium, which holds memories like a steel seive trying to hold oil…

Saturday night ——

“Oh great Set! Its me Vary your High Priest!”
(oh this is gonna be fun… maybe i should answer him… Convert him subtlely to my follower…)

a while later this desperate PC manages to break thru the lines some how. Note this was not an easy feat.
the entire time he’s screaming oh graet Set, Its me Vary your high priest. Ok lets have some fun with this one.
After all he has put forth a lot of effort to see me.

He bows immediately in my presence. (Finally a PC that does it with out being told.

“Oh great Set, I am Vary your High Priest. I have accomplished the tasks that you have set forth for me.
I have brought you the soul of a King, I have destroyed a country, and I have… blah. (sorry cant remember the other one)
I ask that you come forth with me, and together we will cleanse the invaders and take over the Realms (or something like this)”

“Time out a sec.” Pick up the walkie talkie off my belt. “Beth I need your advice.”
“Yeah?” comes the reply.
“Vary… a PC just asked me to roll the event site… ”
“HAHAHAHAHAHA thats great. Give him a task to prove his loyalty.”

“Vary bring my another soul of a King to prove your loyalty.”

He never came back… (darn)

Sunday night —–

“axe axe axe axe” (we trip over each other)
I say Are you ok?
“yeah. are you dead?”
I reply “armor 1, armor 2, resist death, resist death”
“oh fuck”

Two people make it into my pyramid and demand audience with me…

“Oh great Pharoh we seek audience with you.”
“I am ____________ (insert name). And this is my friend Cat.”
“Well sorta yes, she is a cat.”
(Pointing at talking person) Kill him. (pointing at Cat) Keep her.
splat goes the skeleton

a little while later…

“Oh great Pharoh It’s me again. Is there anything i can do to get my friend back?”
(thinking to myself, I should give him a chance to get this poor PC back out of the night quest)
“Yes, bring me a cat to replace her. And if she wishes to leave she may.”

a little while later…

“Oh great Pharoh..”
(looking him up and down) Do you have a cat?
(Never fail your Ghod, we get annoyed easily)
splat goes the skeleton again

Walking back to the Cat being guarded by one of my guardians which should have been having fun out rolling the PCs.
“Where is Bones? Is Bones back?” whimpers the Cat.
“Your friend has failed.”

(And I walked away again)

Beth comes over to me. “Your High Priest is Dead, and they just killed your wife. Gather your guardians and cause havoc.”
“All right, lets go roll em. All you guardians thru the passage and line up outside. I’ll come out and call the charge.”
Five of the guardians walk outside, and I follow.
“GUARDIANS!!” (pointing towards the PCs) KREEE!!!!!
As I wade out into the PCs, calling Armor Piercing, Armor Peircing, Armor piercing, leaving a trail of bodies behind me…. I didnt stop til i reached the Gate.
Then I turned around and fought my way back to the pyramid. Getting back out side some people attacked me.
“Axe Axe” “Armor piercing! Armor Piercing!”, “axe Axe” “Armor piercing!”
“I AM A FINAL WORD DEMON!!! 1…… 2….. 3…… 4……”
So much fun….