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OSTicket 1.7 DPR3 is now available


OSTicket 1.7 DPR3 has been released.

You can get the latest version over at Github.

For a couple months now Peter over at has been posting DPR (Developer Preview Release) of the upcoming OSTicket 1.7. As a reminder this version if for developers and enthusiasts and should not be used for a production environment.

source: Forums

Droid vs Exchange Server 2003 (6.5 Sp2)


Last Wednesday my phone died. It was an aging Motorola K1M KRZR, and it served me pretty well for the almost 3 years that I owned it, well until it died. It replaced my Sanyo Scp-2000 which I had for seven years. I hate buying cell phones. I hate that I have to relearn how to do everything in my phone. I hate that cell phone provider companies (Sprint, etc) disable certain phone features and lock the phones down. I've always felt that it's MY phone, I should be able to use it the way the manufacturer intended.

iptables v1.4.2 trouble


So I've been playing a lot with iptables again at work. I've worked out a couple different rules for trying to limit how many hack attempts actually get through to the box, and one of the steps I took was to craft up two rules to limit the time that someone can connect to the box via ssh. I typed it all in and got the following error message.

iptables v1.4.2: Unknown arg `(null)'
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.

Open Office 3.2 Released!


It has been almost eight (8) years now Open Office 1.0 was released. And in that time the project has really matured and come into it's own. Today they released the new version 3.2.

It has a bunch of new features (outlined here: 3.2 New Features. A couple of the bigger "new featuress" are: faster start up times; improved compatibility with open standard (ODF) and proprietary file formats, Support for Postscript based OpenType fonts, and new chart functionality.

Windows7: MsMpEng.exe


Windows 7 is out to the general populace and comes with a brand new set of fun. So far since I installed x64 Enterprise edition (One of the benefits of my job) it has been remarkably stable. I love how fast my machine boots, and how I can "wake" it up using my keyboard. It actually boots faster then my Linux box... but I digress.

WOW: New system sound!


Marduath and I were talking today and decided that the Windows XP default "bong" noise when something bad happens needed to be changed. So we picked out a new sound, and now my machine makes that sound instead (see attached file).

Here is how you can do it to!

Using Classic view
1. START -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices
2. Click on the Sounds Tab
3. In the "Program Events" window scroll down until you see "Critical Stop"
4. click Browse
5. copy the sound file into the window and select it, click ok.