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Jack Thompson : Please commit suicide


Everyone in the States has heard of the ESRB if they play video games. The Entertainment Software Rating Board is a non-profi, self regulatory board essentially started and owned by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). They assign ratings to video games to give parents a better idea of the content of that video game. They also help enforce industry adopted advertising guidelines. Also according to their site they some how help with online privacy. (Not sure how, didn't read that indepth about that one.)

Heinlein Archives


Fantastic news for SciFi Fans and students everywhere! Heinlein is one of my favorite authors and has been for many years. So it makes me giddy to announce the entire collection of Robert A. Heinlein's published works is now available online! The UC Santa Cruz Archives in conjunction with The Heinlein Prize Trust have put digital copies of a fantabulous amount of notes, manuscripts, research, drafts, and manuscripts online for research and academic purposes.

Source: www.heinleinarchives.net

account deletions


I have gone through and deleted nine (9) users from the site. These users have either spammed in the past which resulted in their accounts getting blocked, or are suspicious accounts. In the case of the suspicious accounts, they were never activated. The email addresses associated with some of the non-actived accounts was yzbid.com. Here is the domain information for the r-tard:

Sergei Petrov
Prospekt Pobedy 15-25
Ulan-Ude, Buryatia 670017
Russian Federation

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This site has been up and serving information about my life and hobbies since I registered the domain back in the mid to late 90s. I did let it expire briefly and re-registered it. During that time it has gone thru a myriad amount of formatting changes, and even some focus changes.

Currently this site serves as a library for my interests, hobbies, and some news now and then. Some of the content that you will find on this site nicludes:

HMIS goodness


Recently at work I have been working on a new internal web page for processing information. The basis of it is that we have to enter data into a database, and it is a rare thing when we get a form A. filled out correctly, and/or B. legible. So in an effort to reduce the issues we are having with both those items we have webized it. The easy solution would of course be to have the individual who is responsible for filling out the paper work input into the database. However due to legality issues, license issues, and other we cannot have them do that.