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OSTicket 1.6: Report Page v3.2.1 is out


Scottro's wonderful Report Page v3.2.1 is now out. I've also given him my own modifications to the project. Not sure if he will integrate them into the next release or not. There are a couple new reporting options since I first mentioned this mod here at tmib.net. He also has a Spanish version of 2.1 on his site.

OSTicket 1.6: Report Page v2.0 is out


One of the things that has long been lacking in OSTicket (1.6ST) is the ability to do some basic reporting. This was so lacking that it even prompted me to write some of my own custom page and reports. I have to admit though, Scottro over at sudobash.net out did me for an integrated and aethetically pleasing solution.

You can get his reporting mod at:

OSTicket 1.6: Allow 2 to 5 digit file extensions (or more)


File extensions on OSTicket 1.6 ST are limited to 3 - 4 digits in the stock distribution. But some times you want to change this to allow for slightly longer or slightly smaller file extensions. Such as .gz or .xhtml.

Edit [document root]/include/class.config.php

circa line X locate the following:

$ext = strtolower(preg_replace("/.*\.(.{3,4})$/", "$1", $filename));

and change it to

$ext = strtolower(preg_replace("/.*\.(.{2,5})$/", "$1", $filename));

This will allow file extensions as small as 2 character and as large as 5.

Google wins again


A few years ago I went on a rant about how I hated certain web sites that google search returns when I am looking for an answer to an IT issue. Or should I say a type of site, that lets you see that someone else has had the same problem that you are having but unless you pay them you cannot see what other people answered. One such site that always seems to come up in my IT searches is experts-exchange.com. Usually I try to link sites when I talk about them, especially if I feel that they do good work, but I will not link them.

And we're back...


The site went down on July 12th. Seems that the glorified desktop server blew out it's power supply. Replacing it seems to have gotten everything up and running just fine. Will be keeping a much closer eye on it though.

Realmsnet is Down


Realmsnet is down due to catastrophic server failure. The last year or so worth of realmsnet info (archived emails, event announcements, magic items, etc) is lost at this time. They are working to resolve the issue, but it will take some time. Please be patient, thank you.

Also this means that anyone with a giantsquid account will not be able to get their email.

OSTicket v1.6RC5: How to add ticket subject to autogenerated email

At work we have been using OSTicket as our support ticketing software for a while now. And one of the things that has always really annoyed me about the software is when someone opens a ticket and I get the autogenerated email, the email is missing the ticket subject. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but for some unfathomable reason a goodly portion of my coworkers seem to think that the subject line is where you should put important details.