Today is a grey thursday afternoon and the sky poured out its tears.
All day today, I have been in a "WHATEVER" sort of mood. Maybe its
current events. Maybe its the weather. No one seems to be in a good
mood today. Myself included.

I guess today it all just boils down to whatever.

happy 4th

Well the 4th has come, and is slowly expiring...

Yesterday we had a cook out. Many were in attendance. Today we had another cook out and then watched the fireworks from Becky's front yard. It was fun to hang out with people. Here it is 10pm and I think its time to move inside. Catch you all on the flip side...

sunday afternoon

So here we are sunday afternoon... Been watching the house for blkw1d since Sat. Mikay just got picked up by her mom. sir_k is on his way here to help me move some stuff. Any way... might get around to writing more later.


Let me tell you... there is nothing quite like walking into your living room and encountering someone hot waxxing tcharron...

oh my.

Some quotes from the long weekend...

Whiles things are still not clear in my mind, and doubtlessly... never will be... I thought before things get even more muddled in the old cranium, which holds memories like a steel seive trying to hold oil...

Saturday night ------

"Oh great Set! Its me Vary your High Priest!"
(oh this is gonna be fun... maybe i should answer him... Convert him subtlely to my follower...)

a while later this desperate PC manages to break thru the lines some how. Note this was not an easy feat.
the entire time he's screaming oh graet Set, Its me Vary your high priest. Ok lets have some fun with this one.


Leaving for Creathorne tomorrow some time. Pretty sure I'm all poacked, and ready to go. I kinda wish i had gone up tonight to hang out. Maybe next time. Pretty sure I'm catching a cold. What great timing right? Anyway, catch you all on the flip side.