hello from Virginia!!! :)

(this was written from the public access pc in the hotel we stayed at)

lazy sundays

The last week or so in review...

Last weekend - Summer Fest, in the words of Amergin the best event ever thrown!
Omg! It was fantastic. The castle siege was great.

monday - raid night, my guild tried RZtW for the first time and lost. We got him down to 39% first try though.

tuesday - my guild killed RZtW, I wasnt there. I went out with matronsinafay to Booka's house and watched SG-1 and Atlantis.

wednesday - fight practice ... fight practice ... yay. Then Denny's.
Imp-ress showed up and hung out with us.

thursday - fight practice at blkw1d house. Was a good time.

plot happens...

Today Booka, Mikay and I went to Plot Happens and then you die. Was fun. Yay for Cevaris teaching me my new spell. Mekrian now has his third spell. Next weekend is of course Innocent Blood and Island of Dr Slashblight. Which will be spell 4 and 5. Go go NPC for spell credit action!

Yay for hanging out with best friends at a Raelms event killing (or trying to) shit. Might head back up tomorrow or Monday. Not sure yet. Good luck guys. peace.

last few days...

Things have been things. Applied to a few local places. Yes, the search continues. Started playnig Magic again. Seems that we've discussed having a Magic night at the house. Its tentatively scheduled in for tuesday evenings right now. That might change. So bring your cards and lets play. :)

Last night Id, Yorn, and their little brother came over and we played til blue o'clock.

Today went to see Hero with ERG, matronsinafay, and the kitty. Was really good, but certainly not what i expected it to be. Yay for wire action! After that made some burgers, and went out to the GB to hang with blkw1d. Fun times yo! :)

so yeah...

FP went well tonight. Mikay had fun. I had fun. Came home to an additional 100k plat on the trader.

Three days of depression seem to have cleared up because of a conversation with someone important. It's amazing what can happen when two people actually communicate. Don't you think?

Well heading out to smoke and then to bed. Yay for cuddles.


disclaimer: this is not directed towards anyone in particular

Today was just one of those days that you with you hadn't woken up... or never did wake up. It couldnt decide if it wanted to rain or not. It was just a blah day.

No matter what you thought might happen, and might be a good idea, it wasnt. Maybe you'r like me and napped on the couch because you didnt want to be in a bad mood, but still woke up in one.

Maybe everyone seemed distant to you too. Tomorrow is a new day, and with some luck, it will be a better day.
If not well you can always go hide in your bedroom fo

thesewalls is home...

Thesewalls is home. (As Kattala announced already)

what: Welcome home / Birthday Party
when: tonight (monday july 26, 2004) startiong around 6pm
where: Erg and Blkw1d and iamtmib's house

This is a pot luck cook out style party. Please bring things to help defray food costs. We have a list going of who is bringing what, if you are afraid that you will double up please feel free to contact myself or Blkw1d. See you all tonight!