an amusing quote

Chapter 1 first paragraph:

"We are about to study the idea of a computational process. Computational processes are abstract beings that inhabit computers. As they evolve, processes manipulate other abstract things called data. The evolution of a process is directed by a pattern of rules called a program. People create programs to direct processes. In effect, we conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells."

smattering of the collective news

  • Dr Who?
    (watch the Planet of the Doctor ep1 - 4, they are interesting)
  • Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act : when is too much power a bad thing?
  • Apparently being a nerd is now in?
  • Patent reform act of 2005
  • Idaris member notice

    notice to all Idaris (aka DLM, aka DLN) members: is now live, and out of beta. Please sign up for an account using your character name. It seems that some times the registration email does not get sent with your password. Please IM me with what you want as a password, and I will set it for you manually. Thank you.


    Anyone else ever think this is true?

    "We always judge those we love the most harshly."

              Leagonistic Bible
              verse 05:6:1