Spring Winter Cleaning

Most of you probably know that I squirrel away a metric shit ton of crap that (I feel) other people would never save. I have an old Surround Sound system (two of them actually), 10 old Hard Drives (not in computers), mouse pads (who uses those anymore?), cords, cables, 6 extra (older) video cards, 4+ sound cards… and lots lots more.

So last night I started trashing things. Here is a list of the things that are free to any friend who wants them, first come first served:

New Job?

Most of you know that I applied for a new job a few weeks ago. I finally got word today. The contract has been suspended. That means no one got the job. The contract may become available later, but for now I’m not going anywhere.

Just thought that I would let everyone know. Cheers.