fun cooking creations for October

Fresh (perishable ingrediants)
1 Granny Smith Apple
about 1 lbs. of Pork
1 Green pepper
1/3 to 1/2 a medium sized Red Onion

Spices (other):
Crushed red Pepper
oriental Bean and fish sauce

Pasta (Linguine or Fettecine) or thick cut thai rice noodles

slice pepper and onion into small long slices.
cut apple into bite size chunks
cut pork into strips

In a wok add onions, pepper, apple, garlic (to taste), basil (to taste, LOTS), crushed red pepper (to taste), and a little honey. Cover and Slow cook stirring occasionally on med-low heat.

In a pot put water, a little salt, and a little virgin olive oil (this is for cooking the pasta/rice noodles)

In a Frying pan, nicely arrange the sliced pork. Sprinkle on a little garlic and Crushed red pepper (not too much because you already put some in the wok.), pour some honey in a thin stream over the pork. (like icing on a french style pastery). Slow cook the pork to keep it nice and tender. Once you see the pork if about 33% cooked through flip it and add some of the bean/fish sauce. I use a spoon and apply some to each piece of pork, to insure consistant flavor.

Once the pork looks mostly cooked start the water boiling for the pasta. Uncover the vegetables, and turn the heat up. Chances are you have quiet a bit of liquid in the bottom, its time to cook some of it off to make it more sauce like. Flip the pork again so the other side can absorb up the yummy bean/fish sauce. Feel free to flip it a few more times while it cooks. Once it finishes cooking shut it off/move it to another burner until you have cooked off most of the liquid in the vegetables.

Add the pork to the vegtables and stir it all togther. Strain pasta, and add it right to the vegetable meat mixture. Don’t worry about adding butter to the noodles, you don’t need it. Stir everything together until the noodles are no longer standard pasta color (ie they have all absorbed some of the color/flavor of everything else) and serve hot.

This should feed roughly 4 – 5 people, and takes about an hour to cook up. Enjoy!

ps if anyone has any good ideas of what I can call this lemme know… because I thinks “Neil’s spicy porky pasta goodness” is far too long and convoluted. 🙂