who i am 1

Height: over 6′
Hair: Brown, long
Martial Status: Married
Sex: Yes
Sign: Aquarius
Eyes: blue to grey
Age: mid 40s
Preference: Yes.
Residence: Nashua, NH
Birthplace: Neptune

TMiB n (c1988) 1. an alias, usu.
associated with NeilScott Tozier 2. an
acronym meaning The Man in Black

Would you like to know more?

Children: one beautiful Daughter named Mikayla (who is now an adult).

Activities: Realms (and other Live Action Roleplaying games) as well as table top Roleplaying games, Dennys, Comic Books, computers, driving, just being, hot tubing, drawing, writing, my Guild: Elder Tribunal, World of Warcraft, magic:the addiction, EverQuest, EverQuest2, Star War: The Old Republic and well work.

Books and Authors I like: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein, The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan
by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, anything written by Neil Gaiman, The Celestial Steam Locomotive Volume I of The Song of Earth
by Michael G. Coney, and more.

Movie(s) I like: Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Gladiator, Urotsukidoji, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Music: I’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles and Led Zep recently.
Some other artists I enjoy are Iron Maiden, Lords of Acid, Indigo Girls, Simon and Garfunkel, Third Eye Blind, Pink Floyd, and lots more.

Quote: 3 from the Circle, 3 from the track… 1 must leave the circle so that the six might ride. Leaving behind 5.

Tattoos: 1 on Right Arm/Shoulder
Colour: yes
Food: spicy stuff (like Thai or Indian)
Drink: Strawberry Daiquiris and Tom Collins

Other Aliases and Character names;
Azznusardae, Azzdaem, Azzhoof, Azdruae, Daedius, Daemonite, Sir Dark, Darque, Darqfu, Daem, Sir Deimos, Dominatrian, Hile, Iustus, Kakazz, Mekrien, PunkBoy, Sir Santiago, Seeker, Shadow K, WReX