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When I look back at the past I do so fondly. Is this not true of most people? This past year has seen several significant changes.

The last year or so in review:

Oct 2006 – Bethany and I moved into a new apartment! Woot! Bethany and I took a road trip to KS to visit a friend, and meet his new wife. Little did we know when we set out that we would run smack into the middle of a freak snow storm and be stuck on the highway for 10 hours. The week there was filled with relaxing, good food, and great company. While there Scott got me to start playing World of Warcraft (WoW).

Dec 2006 – For the Christmas I flew down to New Mexico to spend the holiday season with my daughter and ex-wife. It was nice to be able to spend time with my baby, and re-bond with April.

Feb 2007 – I left cooking at Denny’s because it was getting too hard to work a part time night shift job and work full time at Harbor Homes, Inc. Two weeks after I left Harbor Homes, Inc. made me part time again.

May 2007 – Bethany and I got married in olde style handfasting fashion at our “Cook Out and Pig Roast” much to our family members surprise at the Pendry Palace. We flew Mikayla out for the ceremony (also much to our family members surprise). Two weeks later April called to tell me that she was engaged.

Summer 2007 – Mikayla came back up to live with me for the school summer vacation.

Sept 2007 – April and Brad got married in NM on the rim of a canyon. This evoked one of those mixed feeling reactions. I was happy for her, but it also dashed my hopes of them moving back up to NH.

Oct 2007 – October holds two anniversaries first and most important the anniversary of Bethany and I moving into our current place and My one year anniversary of playing World of Warcraft (Wow). I celebrated by buying my Epic Flying mount (for 5000g!!). Bethany and I are going to need a new roommate soon. It seems the recently engaged Bud is moving out to live with his fiance at Twen and Black’s house.