osTicket 1.7.1RC1 released!

As promised last week, yesterday afternoon osTicket 1.7.1-RC1 was released. This is a release candidate for developer and enthusiasts to try out before 1.7.1ST is released. This release is not recommended for production enviornments! I’ve been informed that since this is a incremental update that the release cycle will be short as they continue to push towards the 1.8 release.

There are a slew of bug fixes as well as new features and expanding of current features:


  • Custom logos and site pages (#604, #632, #616)
  • Password reset link (#638)
  • Export and import feature. Useful for migrations and backups. (#626)
  • Use your email address as your username for logins (#631)
  • SLA’s can be marked transient. Tickets with a transient SLA will change to the SLA of the new department or help-topic when transferred or edited.
  • Support installation on MySQL and MariaDB clusters. Use default storage engine and don’t assume predictable auto-increment values (#568, #621)

Geeky Stuff

  • mysqli support for PHP5+
  • SSL support for database connections
  • Namespaced configuration. This greatly simplifies the process of adding new configurable item (#564)
  • Add signals API. A simple event hooking mechanism to allow for extensibility (#577)
  • Add deployment command-line script (#586)
  • Allow XHTML editing in the nicEditor (#615)
  • Allow parallel database migration streams (#563) — paves the way for extensions
  • Use row-based email templates (#604) — simplifies the process of adding new email message templates (think extensions)
  • Support fetching from email boxes with aliased email addresses (#663)
  • Introduce new crypto library that provides failsafe encryption for email passwords (#651)


  • Several typos in code and messages (#617, #618, #644, #660)
  • Fix several upgrader bugs (#548, #619)
  • Fix install fail on some Windows platforms (#570)
  • Fix several issues in the command-line management (#580)
  • Make room for command-line installation of osTicket (#581)
  • regression Fix corrupted attachment downloads (#579, #583)
  • Fix truncated attachment downloads when zlib.output_compression is enabled (#596)
  • Disable cron activities when upgrade is pending (#594)
  • Provide failsafe encoding for improperly-formatted emails (#601)
  • Fix corrupted email attachments processed via pipe.php (#607)
  • Fix discarding of poorly encoded base64 emails (#624)
  • Support MariaDB 10.0+ (#630)
  • Properly trim ticket email and name fields (#600)
  • Fix truncated text from text/plain emails and web interface posts (#652)
  • Add Assigned To and other fields to ticket view export (#646)
  • regression Fix attachment migration (#648)
  • Display correct staff notes (#588)
  • Display correct auto-response email for departments (#575)
  • Fix login form (“Authentication Required”) loop (#653)
  • Ensure email message-id is fetched correctly (#664)
  • Ensure X-Forwarded-For header does not have leading or trailing whitespace (#665)


  • Only fetch configuration for multifile upload if necessary (#637)
  • Don’t use sessions on the API (#623)
  • regression Avoid an extra query per request to fetch schema signature (#658)

As usual if you find any bugs please report them at Github, and if yuo have questions, feedback, comments, mods, etc please post them in the 1.7 section of the forums. Thank you.