osTicket 1.10 is just around the corner

In case you have lived under a rock the newest osTicket v1.10 should be out soon. While the developers don't give exact dates it's been three (3) months since RC2 was released, and there have been a lot (180 as of this article) commits since it's release. Here is a quick summary of all the new features and the versions that they were introduced in as well as some links to the release notes for each.

Release Candidate 2 (rc2) released on Aug 19, 2015 notes:


  • new locking system for tickets
  • Ticket Filter revamps
  • Agent import from CLI
  • Mass Transfer and Assign tickets
  • 28 bug fixes

Release Candidate (rc1) released on July 22, 2015 notes:


  • Access Control 2.0 -> Goodbye Groups, hello Roles
  • More Alert disabling fetures

Developer Preview released on May 13, 2015 notes:


  • Internationalization, Aka Multi Language Feature – Phase III
  • Tasks
  • New Advanced Search
  • Thread editing
  • Roles, and custom extended access
  • Improved knowledge base interface
  • Multiple forms and disable individual fields for Help Topics
  • Department hierarchy
  • Image annotation
  • Variable context type-ahead
  • Redesigned list management
  • Pluggable filter actions
  • Object relational mapper (ORM) about 47% of the SQL quesries are removed between 1.9.7 and v1.10