There comes a time when things have progressed to a certain point that no one can deny that things have changed.  Oft times these changes are imperceptible to the naked eye.  People also change minutely.  More to the point, circumstances alter perceptions, and thus perceived changes are registered.  Although the actual measurement of change is minute.  

These pages are dedicated to those perceptions… The perceptions of change, the minutiae details of my life.  Some of these pages might seem too personal, and if that’s your opinion don’t read them.  After all, like my life, it’s my web page, and done my way.  I don’t go out of my way to interfere with your shit, so don’t mess with mine.  

Pretty simple, eh?

You may wonder what it is you will find here on this collection of pages. To put it simply, you will find my ramblings, writings, projects, php mysql perl html css tests and/or toys, code snippets, and my other adventures in various topics. In short, all kinds of stuff.

May the force be with you, because it is.

              NeilScott Tozier
              The Man in Black