Release Candidate 1 for osTicket 1.14 released

The developer KevinTheJedi just announced the release of a new version of osTicket.  Version v1.14-RC.1.  This version is a Release Candidate for the forthcoming v1.14.

This new version has some long awaited features:

  • Ticket Merge – this feature allows you to combine two or more Tickets so that their threads will all be in one single (Parent) Ticket.
  • Ticket Link – this feature allows you to group tickets together (with out actually manipulating any Tickets).
  • Schedule and Business Hour SLAs – this feature expands the pretty basic SLAs that have been in osTicket for years.  It allows you to specify hours of operation, holidays, etc.
  • Expanded Print View – This improves the Print feature to be able to include ticket events in the threading.

As a reminder: RC means Release Candidate.
A release candidate means that while we think its pretty stable and usable, it is being released to be tested.
Release Candidates should not be used in Production Environments.

You can download this new RC release at