osTicket v1.10 Released!

After a long time and many release candidates have released osTicket the 1.10 stable. You can get this version via github or preferably at https://osticket.com/download.  It features a bunch of new enhancements and some improvements/bug fixes, and an several security/performance updates.  Here is a list of the changes:


  • Support Passive Email Threading (#3276)
  • Introduce the concept of Trusted Proxies and Local Networks (4396f91)
  • Account for agents' name format setting when sorting agents (#32745c548c7)
  • Ticket Filters: Support Lookup By Name (#3274ef9b743)
  • Enable preloaded canned responses by default (#32747267531)


  • Task: Missing Description on create (#3274, 865db9)
  • Save task due date on create (#3438)
  • Show overlay on forms submit (#3426#3391)
  • upgrader: Fix crash on SequenceLoader (#3421)
  • upgrader: Fix undefined js function when upgrading due to stale JS file (#3424)
  • Use help topic as the subject line when issue summary is disabled (#327474bdc02)
  • PEAR: Turn off peer name verification by default (SMTP) (#32744f68aeb)
  • Cast orm objects to string when doing db_real_escape (#3274e63ba58)
  • Save department on __create (#3274c664c93)
  • Limit records to be indexed per cron run to 500 (#32749174bab)

Performance and Security

  • Fix memory leak when applying 'Use Reply-To Email' ticket filter action (#343784f085d)
  • XSS: Sanitize and validate HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header (#34394396f91)
  • XSS: Encode html chars on help desk title/name (#34392fb47bd)