osTicket – Email Template Variables

With new versions of osTicket coming out so fast recently, some times the documentation fails to keep pace with the features. So I did a little digging and have collected a slew of new undocumented Email Template Variables.  The list below was compiled on version through version 1.8.1.

osTicket Template Vars

Client Names VARS
first: %{ticket.name.first}
last: %{ticket.name.last}
lastfirst: %{ticket.name.lastfirst}
short: %{ticket.name.short}
shortformal: %{ticket.name.shortformal}
full: %{ticket.name.full}
original: %{ticket.name.original}
formal: %{ticket.name.formal}
initials: %{ticket.name.initials}
legal: %{ticket.name.legal}

Recipient Vars
name: %{recipient.name}
first name: %{recipient.name.first}
last name: %{recipient.name.last}
lastfirst: %{recipient.name.lastfirst}
short: %{recipient.name.short}
shortformal: %{recipient.name.shortformal}
full: %{recipient.name.full}
original: %{recipient.name.original}
formal: %{recipient.name.formal}
initials: %{recipient.name.initials}
legal: %{recipient.name.legal}

User Access link: %{recipient.ticket_link}
Email: %{recipient.email}

Staff Name VARS
first: %{staff.name.first}
last: %{staff.name.last}
lastfirst: %{staff.name.lastfirst}
short: %{stafff.name.short}
shortformal: %{staff.name.shortformal}
full: %{staff.name.full}
original: %{staff.name.original}
formal: %{staff.name.formal}
initials: %{staff.name.initials}
legal: %{staff.name.legal}

staff name: %{staff.name}
staff first: %{staff.name.first}
staff last: %{staff.name.last}

staff or department signature: %{signature}
Company Name: %{company.name}

Ticket Vars
Ticket ID (internal): %{ticket.id}
Ticket Number (external): %{ticket.number}
Email: %{ticket.email}
From: %{ticket.name}
Phone | Ext: %{ticket.phone}
Priotity: %{ticket.priority}
Subject: %{ticket.subject}
Original ticket body: %{ticket.thread.original}
Submitted: %{ticket.create_date}
Topic: %{ticket.topic.name}
posters name %{poster.name}

Assigned staff and/or team: %{ticket.assigned}
Due Date: %{ticket.due_date}
Date Closed: %{ticket.close_date}

Auth. token used for auto-login: %{ticket.auth_token}
Client's ticket view link: %{ticket.client_link}
Staff's ticket view link: %{ticket.staff_link}

OLD Help Topic: %{ticket.topic}
Help Topic: %{ticket.topic.name}

Department: %{ticket.dept}
Department Name: %{ticket.dept.name}
Department Manager Name: ${ticket.dept.manager.name}
Assigned/closing staff: %{ticket.staff}
Assigned/closing team: %{ticket.team}

Other Variables

Incoming message: ${message}
Outgoing Response: ${response}
Assign/transfer comments: %{comments}
Assigned staff/team: %{assignee}
Staff assigning ticket: %{assigner}
osTicket base URL (FQDN): %{url}
Password Reset URL: %{reset_link}

Internal Note VARS
OLD Internal Note: %{note}
Note Poster: %{note.poster}
Note Title: %{note.title}
Note Message" %{note.message}

It is important to note that while I have tested many of these, I have not tested all of them. Any labeled as OLD might not work anymore as they appear to have been replaced with new versions. Enjoy!

osTicket and 1.7.5 released (and 1.8.1 DPR)!

Earlier tonight the osTicket developers announced that the current branch of osTicket 1.8 has it's newest child with the release of  This version features several new enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes. In this same announcement they release a bug patch for the 1.7 tree (1.7.5) which fixes some bugs. Then in almost the same breath they announced the Developer Preview Release (DPR) of the much anticipated 1.8.1! 

1.8.1 has three new features that people have been waiting for for quite a while.  They are Collaboration (CC/BCC support), Plugin Support (rudimentary), and Pluggable Authentication (LDAP/AD).  These features are not complete yet, but do show a lot of promise.

Additional details, including bug and enhancement details of the release(s) can be found here.

source: osTicket Forums

Realms: Adept Magic

Under CHOOSING SPELLS after the last bullet add the following:

  • An Adept Magic spell (see below).

Add the following text after the Regional Magic heading and two paragraphs.

Adept Magic

Similar to regional, Adept Magic can be taken any time a regional could be taken. Each learning of Adept Magic allows the spellcaster who takes it to swap it out for another spell 1 circle lower then the Adept Magic slot. This swap can only be done at check in / magic registration.