Searching Gmail for attachments, date ranges and more

So if you’re like me you generally keep way too much email in your gmail account. Usually it’s a good thing when your looking for that email from two years ago that you sent to your friend with a file attachment that you suddenly want to find again. This got me to thinking that perhaps I should make a collection of the gmail search features that I use fairly regularly and put them into one place, because maybe someone else will find it helpful.

From: name@email.ext
To: name@email.ext

(where name@email.ext is the email address)

How to find files with attachments:


Specific file types:

has:attachment XXX

(where XXX is extension)

How to find emails in a date range

after:YYYY/MM/DD before:YYYY/MM/DD

If there are search parameters that you use a lot and want them added to this list please let me know.

Google Glass

My wife has been accepted into the Google Glass Explorer program, and as such gets to go pick up her Google Glass next week. Unfortunately its cost is pretty prohibitive so she’s put out a request for small donations to help fund the purchase. you can read more about the fundraiser here:

"Yes, I will be putting my initial purchase onto a credit card. This is here to just help a little.

What are the perks of helping me out?
Well, regular updates of the amazing adventures I plan to have with Glass (motorcycle rides, roller derby bouts, SCA/LARP Fighting, roller coasters, and so much more!)... that is for sure."

She has also pledged updates from Glass for each donation she recieves as well as some other goals. Please consider donating something to help her afford them! Thanks.