DRUPAL: how to get rid of unserialize errors d7

how to get rid of unserialize errors d7

For a while now I’ve been getting unserialize errors on my Drupal 7 site. For a while I thought that they only happened while someone was logged in since every time I tested the page with out logging in I never saw them. Example of error:

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 61 of 66 bytes in variable_initialize() 
(line 916 of /var/www/sitename/includes/bootstrap.inc).

So today I finally had a few minutes to work on trying to get rid of these annoying errors so I searched google for almost the same string above. And you know what came up? My web page. That means that everyone was seeing these unserialize errors. Most of the time these types of errors occur because when things are upgraded or migrated certain entries in the variables table do not get cleaned up when they are no longer needed. This is often the case if you have migrated your site from v5.x to v6.x to v7.x. (such as with my site.)

II think that the fastest way for you to fix this is to actually install a module called variablecheck. After you install it go to yourdomain.tld/admin/reports/variablecheck and see what the variables are that are causing the issues. In my case 4 out of 5 of the errors were an old version of the garland theme. Since I don’t use the Garland theme I felt quite safe just deleting the extra variables. You should really make that decision for yourself though. Make sure that you create a backup of your site and database before you go mucking around in the tables!

For a lot more information on this subject please check out the following post:
Use variable_initialize() against broken values – Notice: unserialize() and for some alternative ways to fix this problem check out the comment entitled A note for people experiencing this sort of problem

Life: On Being a quitter

Day 1 – Morning: Routine Changes

Today is a brand new day. It began almost like any other day, but with a few minor differences. I’m not a morning person, never have been, probably never will be. This morning I woke up, hit snooze a couple times and was surprised by how awake and alert I felt. Usually this is not the case, and I need to get some caffeine and be awake an hour before I feel like I can function like a normal human being.

I didn’t change much in my regular morning routine. I showered, shaved, dressed, grabbed my 2 cups of coffee (in one giant mug) with one small spoon of sugar, threw some ice into it and took my vitamins. I put on my brand new Queen City Cherry Bombs hoodie and leather jacket. Decided on sneakers instead of boots, walked outside, hopped in my car and drove to work.

I imagine that this is a fairly standard routine for most employed adults. I made two deviations from my standard routine today. First I put on a new (and clean) hoodie, and secondly I didn’t have a cigarette before going to work. Why do I repeat and mention this? Because it means not only do I not smell like smoke right now, but I got to work nearly 15 minutes earlier than I usually do.

As it stands now its nearly 11am EST. I’ve already caught myself thinking that I should go out for a cigarette twice, and the lack of nicotine headache has already set in. For me the headache starts as a dull background fuzziness that makes it hard to focus. My body feels like its in a heightened sense of alertness, as my mind wanders from my bottom back left hand tooth to the bottom of my feet, I wonder if I am dehydrated. I commit to myself that I will drink at least 3 liters of water today. I’ll probably update this post again this afternoon or tonight.

HELP: setting up and using FAQS in osticket 1.7RC6

So you upgraded from osTicket 1.6ST to 1.7x and FAQs aren’t working?

So a while ago I cloned and updated my osticket 1.6ST (modified) and performed the update to 1.7RC2, and then updated to 1.7RC4, 1.7RC5, and finally 1.7RC6. I was never able to get FAQs to work at all. More specifically adding and editing them.

I logged in with my admin account and enabled them at:
Admin panel -> Knowledgebase

Yet still Categories and Add New Faq never showed up.

So I went and inserted some generic information into my database into ost_faq, ost_faq_category, and ost_faq_topic (respectively) and a FAQ shows up… but I still couldn’t edit it.

Apparently upgrading your installation does NOT assign the admin user (or its group) the privileges to manage FAQs.

You have to go to:

Admin panel -> Staff -> Groups
Click on the group that you want to have privileges (mine was called Admin)
Enable "Can Manage FAQ" (near the bottom)

NOTE: “Can View Staff Stats” was also disabled in my admin group.

Once you have done do the following:

Staff panel -> Knowledgebase -> Categories
Click Add New Category
Select Public or Private (internal)
Enter a Category Name
Enter a Category Description
Click Add (at the bottom)

Click on Knowledgebase (at the top) and the category you made should show up.
Click on it.

You should now have the ability to Edit Category, Delete Category, and Add New FAQ. Enjoy!

Realms: Confirming an event

sub section after:
“Throwing a legal event gives an Event Holder certain privileges and responsibilities above and beyond a normal player.”

bullet # 1
* To validate your event you must send a confirmation email the official Event List Administrator within one month of the date of their event with the following information: Event Name, EHs (and Co-EHs), Event Date and duration of play on each day of the event. The names of the EHs can’t be changed after the event.

change to:
* To validate your event you must confirm it electronically with the official Event List Administrator within one month of the date of the event.

Rational: this is how its actually done.

A son and his father

Those who know me very well, rarely if ever hear me talk about my father. However when I do I feel that my words convey how proud I am of most of the things that he has done in his life. To recap a little, he has always had a very strong work ethic, and probably should have been an early case study for work-a-holics. For many many years he worked for Hewlett Packard designing computer boards for medical equipment. Back when HP spun off its medical equipment he moved with that division when HP decided to focus primarily on desktop/office equipment.

Some thirtyish plus years ago before most people had even thought about having a home PC he and a good friend of his designed and made a desktop home computer and we had it at my house. It was my first real exposure to computers and I cannot tell you much about it. Looking back I think that it may have had an 8080 (2mhz) or 8085 (3mhz) processor but I can’t remember for sure. Both those chips were the right time period. I know that it wasn’t an 8088 (5mhz).

I remember that HP used to have a Family day back in that time period, where I would be able to go to work with my father and see the place he worked. They always had exhibits of technologies that they were working on, and other neat, fun and bizarre things. I remember plotters as large as a drafting desk, with a “robotic arm” that would pick up essentially a marker and draw huge images. I remember the Moon Landing simulator, and how horrible I was at it. And I remember computer reel to reels larger than two of the metal filing cabinets in my office now.

He always seemed to have the best adult toys. He owned a silver 1976 stringray corvette up until I got into a car accident my senior year in high school. He had two motorcycles, and a boat. He was and is in many ways how I gauge my success in life. He is also how I gauge my failures.

I never saw my father as a happy man. Especially after the affair he had which ruined his marriage around when I was 12 years old. It took me a very long time to forgive him for leaving us, and even longer to forgive myself for the role I played in the night he left. But he followed his heart [or so I like to tell myself] and did end up marrying his mistress and they got a house together. Although really he never had the time to use his toys being a workaholic. It makes me wonder if his father was the same way, and if it was a learned behavior.

I repeat, I never saw my father as a happy man. Especially after his own father passed away in 1992. A good friend at the time drove me to Maine to go to the wake. This was the first time that I had ever seen my father cry. I comforted him as best I could, then went home. Looking back, I honestly think that’s when he lost his hope. His second wife leaving him a few years after also probably sealed the coffin so to speak on any hope he had.

All of these things finally bring me to what causes me to write in the first place. You see, my father is an alcoholic. For many years he was a high functioning alcoholic, but an alcoholic is still an alcoholic. I’ve known since high school that he drank a lot. Keeping a keg on tap and more beers in the refrigerator than most people have probably even know exist. Not even a year ago he gave us a scare. He up and decided to stop drinking. Detox can be especially dangerous for older people who are also in poor health. Needless to say my step sister came home to find him collapsed and passed out wedged behind a chair next to the wall. She of course did the right thing and called 911, and they took him to the emergency room. He spent a few days there, and narrowly escaped the specter of death that loomed over him.

Before he was released he promised to get help. I contacted Keystone Hall and got him onto the wait list for entry into their alcohol rehab, and other support services. I gave him their number and told him to call them. He promised to get help, and maybe naively I was relieved that maybe some good would come of his brush with death. Once he was released I reminded him of his promise and made sure that he actually called. Later when I talked to him again, he informed me that he was not going to enter into a 20 day sobriety program that he didn’t need to. This was the behavior I was expecting even though I didn’t want to admit it. I told him that I didn’t agree with him, that everyone needs help from time to time. Of course he didn’t want to talk about it so after making my point I let it drop.

At 1am today, I received a message via FaceBook from my stepsister. Yes I still call her my stepsister even though my father and her mother divorced years ago. It read simply, “Your father is drinking again.” So I in turn sent out a slew of messages to make sure that the family knows. It is with a calm acceptance of the situation that I write these words. Maybe he will read them, maybe he won’t. But know this… I will not keep this a secret. When all is said and done, you have disappointed me by drinking. This is the second thing in your life that you have failed at with remarkable clarity. That being said, two things in 40 years must be some kind of record for a father and son relationship. Strangely enough I find that rather telling.

NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC6 released

As I predicted a couple days ago on the osTicket forums, just minutes ago osTicket 1.7 RC6 was released. This release candidate addresses many bugs that were reported from previous released as well as a host of [unnamed] enhancements and improvements. Although Peter said that RC5 was likely to be the last RC nearly 3 weeks ago we hope this will be the last RC release before the long awaited stable.

OSTicket is a popular [free] open source help desk software or trouble ticketing system built on MySQL/PHP. It allows users or clients to open a ticket and describe the problem that they are experiencing so that your staff can track and update their trouble ticket easily and send out notifications with each update. It can also be used to monitor email accounts and automatically open new tickets when email arrives.

You can get the latest RC version over at Github. As a reminder this version is for developers and enthusiasts only and should never be used for a production environment.

source: OSTicket.com Forums

Realms Aid V

This year Realms Aid will be making a come back in the Realms Community! This just posted on realmsnet and on realmsaid.org

Realms Aid V

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Sunday September 15, 2013.
Event ends at 6:00 PM, on Sunday September 15, 2013.
Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at dusk
Place: Greely Park (big) – Nashua, NH.
Cost: $6 paid pre-reg, $10 at the door.
Pre-registration: None Required.

Liz Butler — LizzieB01@comcast.net
Quincy, MA 02169

Magic Marshal(s):
Neil S. Tozier — iamtmib@gmail.com
Nashua, NH 03060

Other Contact Person(s):
Beth Tozier — damefreesia@gmail.com
Nashua, NH 03060

Jamison Bancroft — nosofidaris@gmail.com
Nashua, NH 03060

Event Description:

Unto the heroes of the Realms,

In the past we have taken up arms together against great foes. We have won many battles and over come great odds. But there is one adversary we have yet to defeat. This adversary touches many lives and leaves a path of destruction and heartbreak in its wake. It also brings the community together with shows of great strength and courage. So we the staff of Realms Aid present to you once again the opportunity to take up arms and come together against this foe. Gather with us to help us defeat Cancer.

This year we are bringing the Endurance Challenge (Fight-a-thon) back. Please email Liz for more information.

We hope that you will join us in a day of tournaments and remembrance for those who have fought valiantly in the past and some who still are. We look forward to taking up arms with you once again.


~The Staff of Realms Aid V~

We are looking for Marshals and staff.

Please let me know if you are First Aid Certified (must be current) and will be on site (this is requested by the land owner).

Endurance Challenge (aka Fight-A-Thon): get donations and fight for as long as you can!
The pledge sheet available here: pledge sheet

More Tournaments TBA soon!

Rules Changes/Notes:

**Mission Statement**
Realms Aid is dedicated to the eradication of Cancer. Our mission is
to help raise money for foundations dedicated to the treatment,
prevention, and eventual cure for Cancer in all its forms. All
proceeds above site rental cost are sent as a donation to the Norris
Cotton Cancer Center at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in
Lebanon NH for 2010.

We are looking for Marshals and staff.

Please let me know if you are First Aid Certified (must be current)
and will be on site (this is requested by the land owner).

*Site Rules*


More to come as the summer progresses.

Other Notes:

We will be starting Tournaments no later than Noon

More to come as we work on the schedule

More information about past Realms Aid events and this one can be
found at: http://www.realmsaid.org/

Directions to Greely Park (big):
Concord st.
Nashua, NH

Find your best way to Rt 3 (Everrett Turnpike).
From Everrett Turnpike / Rt 3 in Nashua
Get off exit 7 East.

If from the North cross over the highway and take you first left past a “99” restaurant on to Henri a Burque Dr.

If from the South, go straight across from the exit past the “99” restaurant you will be on Henri a Burque Dr.

Follow Henri a Burgue Dr. for aprox a 1 mile. At the end of the road take a right onto Concord st. Park on the side of the road next to the field.

We are on the right side of the park, with the stone bathrooms.

XBMC 12 : Advanced Launcher : Netflix no sound fix

So since I updated to XBMC 12 (Frodo) Netflix hasn’t worked quite right. It would load, it would stream, but it wouldn’t play sound, and well thats a game stopper.

I have sound in XBMC. If I logged over to the desktop I have sound when I open a webbrowser and load youtube.com to play something. But if XBMC is running (either by launching it from the desktop or booting into it) I wouldn’t get any sound when using Advanced Launcher to load Netflix.

So as far as I can tell XBMC is grabbing control of the sound hardware and not playing nice with other applications. So how do I get it to play nice? Well I could probably spend some time to delve into customizing my .asoundrc, I can google the problem some more, or I can revisit the first thread I read

Linux HOW-TO The Complete Linux N00bs’ Guide To Installing ZSNES on XMBCbuntu

Specifically post #52. This sentence got me to thinking, “i solved this by changing my audio output device to HDA Nvidia, HDMI1 in the system settings of xbmc.” Now while I don’t have an NVIDIA card, perhaps changing the audio output device, and leaving the audio pass through device might fix my problem.

You will find this under:
System -> System -> Audio output

Sure enough now when I launch Netflix from XBMC I have sound. Now I can watch House of Cards. 🙂