Realms: Greater Enchant Armor (Blacksmith 6)

Add spell name “Greater Enchant Armor” at Blacksmith 6 in chart, and
add the following description in the spell listing area:

Greater Enchant Armor (Blacksmith 6)

Uses: 1 – Verbal: 30 words and an explanation – Material: Token with the spellcaster’s name and the words “Greater Enchant Armor” on it.

This spell enchants one piece of armor that the spellcaster may continually repair without expending other spells. When the spellcaster enchants the armor he gives the token to the person that will be wearing it. The person wearing the armor must have the token on himself at all times the spell is in effect. The token is not stealable. Once this spell is cast on a piece of armor, it remains enchanted until the armor is disenchanted or the spell ends. As long as the person with the armor has the token, and the armor is still enchanted, the spellcaster may cast Repair Armor as an unlimited effect on the armor by performing that spell’s active component on the enchanted piece. (See Repair Armor) Two pieces of armor cannot be attached to each other to gain additional benefit unless it armor was specifically designed to be attached in such a fashion (i.e. you cannot use some additional rings/string/leather/etc to attach a chain coif to a chain shirt/tunic, however you could make your own chain shirt with a hood.) This spell over writes any existing Enchant Armor spells, and does not stack with the Enchant Armor spell.

NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC2 released

Yesterday OSTicket 1.7 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) became available. Here is what the devs mentioned in the WHATS NEW:

* Bug fixes from rc1
* Nested help topics support

OSTicket is a popular [free] open source trouble ticketing system built on MySQL/PHP.

You can get the latest RC version over at Github. As a reminder this version is for developers and enthusiasts only and should never be used for a production environment.

source: Forums

Neat income percentile calculator

Remeber the Occupy Wall Street protest [which started in NY on September 17, 2011]? Of course you do! It hasn’t even been a year. Since you remember you’re very familiar with all the “We are the 99%” pictures all over the net. Well today I found a “What Income Percentile Are You” calculator over at Intuit’s web site. Ever wonder what percentile you are actually in? The calculator will tell you. I displays both your US percentile and world percentile. Check it out with the link below:


I admit that it makes me wonder if any of the protestors were in the top 1% globally speaking and if they even considered that. In case your curious to be in the top 1% globally you need to make about $104,000/year.