OSTicket 1.7 DPR4 is now available

Another DPR release of OSTicket is available. OSTicket is a popular open source trouble ticketing system built on PHP/MySQL.

It’s been stated that this is probably the last DPR before a Release Candidate (RC1) release. You can get the latest version over at Github. As a reminder this version if for developers and enthusiasts and should not be used for a production environment.

source: OSTicket.com Forums

Author Ray Bradbury passes away at 91.

Dear Ray,
May I call you Ray? I would like to personally thank you for writing so many great stories.
From Fahrenheit 451 to Something Wicked this Way Comes to Dandelion Wine. May you live forever.

Ray Bradbury died last night (on June 5, 2012) in southern California. He was 91 years old. The web site obituary said that it was “after a long illness”. He received several awards during his lifetime including: the 2004 National Medal of Arts, and the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.

More information about Ray, his literary, and familial works can be found at www.raybradbury.com